2018 Project 365, Day 24: The End – Grimm

Photo #24: January 24

After 4 months of watching it, I’m finally done with Grimm! Loved how it ended, but as with every good series, I was also sad. Ah well. Started re-watching the anime version of “Tokyo Ghoul,” almost done with season 1! Ahhhh so many good series and anime, so little time!!!



2017 Project 365, Day 285: Aswang on Grimm

Photo #285: October 12

Finally watched the Grimm episode where they featured the Philippines’ aswang! I believe it’s one of the scariest in the series! They even had a lot of Filipino dialogues! It was just a little weird to hear so much of the Filipino accent in English; it’s either the actors were exaggerating it or I’m just so used to having a neutral accent. Overall, it’s a good episode, particularly because of Officer Wu’s character development. He is played by Reggie Lee who’s half Filipino, by the way!