2018 Project 365 Day 212: Skin Soulmates <3

Photo #212: July 31

My skin soulmates!  Finally met our personal “dermatologist,” the beautiful head of Skin Soulmate Ph, Jaq! She doesn’t just sell skincare products, she also gives advice and tips on which items are best for our different skin types. We are honored to be your friends!!!  #KikaysOfRareJob



2018 Project 365, Day 198: Fantastic Baka!

Photo #198: July 17

Samgyupsal night at Fantastic Baka with this bunch! I finally met the “white mamba,” Anggo! Super full because of all the food and laughter!!!



2018 Project 365, Day 174: Tribu Babaylan

Photo #174: June 23

Some people say birthdays should be celebrated after the actual day, while others say celebrations should be held beforehand. Well, I believe either is fine as long as you’re with your family and/or close friends! Happy birthday in advance, Dennis and Misshy! Love the food and company! Sad that we’re not complete, but looking forward to our…Halloween party na ba?! Hahaha!



Project 365, Day 159: All-Filipino Lunch!

Photo #159: June 8

A fully-packed 2nd day with the fambam! We visited some relatives, completed a few errands, and a lot more. I just had to go home earlier (alone huhu) because I have evening lessons! Anyway, here’s us enjoying an all-Filipino lunch! My brother said he would ignore anyone who’d invite him to American restaurants hahaha what a snob!



Project 365, Day 153: Leann’s Tea House

Photo #153: June 2

Finally got to try Leann’s Tea House, thanks to our foodie society hahaha! I really love it whenever I eat Korean barbecue with Viel because she’s automatically the assigned cook!  Everything was delicious, especially the buldak!!! See you guys in July!!!