2018 Project 365, Day 108: Day Off with Besties

Photo #108: April 18

My regular food & nail spa bonding with my besties is usually a reward for being on beast mode for the first few weeks of a month. Also, it’s a great excuse to discover different establishments. Today, we ate at Dong Juan, Lamp Quarters and tried House of Z along Lilac Street. Definitely going back to Lamp Quarters to try their other restos, plus House of Z for their relaxing ambiance & excellent service! #KikaysOfRareJob



2018 Project 365, Day 94: Cavite Girls

Photo #94: April 4

I am lucky to have friends who visit me in Marikina, so it was high time for me to travel to the south! Thank you for the good food, kikay products, and heartfelt stories, girls! :-*



2018 Project 365, Day 93: RareJob Visit

Photo #93: April 3

Got to visit the RareJob, Inc. office to submit some BIR requirements related to the reduced tax thingy. As a bonus, we got to chat with some of our favorite RJ peeps, including our ikemen CEO!



2018 Project 365, Day 79: Happy Birthday to Me!

Photo #79: March 20

Did you know that March 20 is also the International Day of Happiness? And that’s exactly what I felt today! I taught 4 students in the morning, successfully had my tax status changed (yey, no more monthly business tax), tried out a new restaurant with my best friends, and enjoyed our monthly nail pampering session. Moreover I will still teach some of my student gems tonight. Lastly, another reason for me to be happy is that I am blessed to have another birthday! Thank you for all the greetings!   



2018 Project 365, Day 78: Birthday Gifts

Photo #78: March 19

Growing up, our parents trained me and my siblings to open our Christmas gifts at home, so now that I’m an adult, if I receive gifts before the 25th, I can patiently wait for Christmas Day to open them, unless they’re perishables which I have to consume right away hehehe. The same thing applies during my birthday! I’m really excited to open all these tomorrow!!! Thank you!!! ❤