2016 Project 365, Day 271: RareJob Premium Business Tutor

Photo #271: September 27

One of the things I love about being a RareJob Philippines, Inc. tutor is getting recommended by fellow tutors even though I haven’t met them yet. Tutor NikkiB. was the first one to do so, and the more gatherings I attend, the more recommendations I get! And like those tutors, another reason we love #RareJob so much is despite being a homebased job, there is growth in it, particularly through RJ’s premium programs. One of them is the Business Conversation Course, which is currently in demand! So if you’re interested to be a premium BCC tutor, check out Nikki’s blog🙂

p.s. though it is allowed and tempting to be a hybrid premium tutor, I’d still stick with being a premium Free Trial Lesson tutor because I know my limits – I’m so not into business-related topics. I panic! 😛