2019 Project 365, Day 173: Tita Adah’s Homemade Bacon

Photo #173: June 22

Feeding your feed with some chemical- and preservative-free garlic-pepper bacon from Tita Adah’s Homemade Eats! It’s not too salty, so you can eat it on its own!  These also come in maple and honey variants, and I’m excited to try them as well. Actually, I have a pack each in my fridge, but I’m saving them for other lazy days. 



2019 Project 365, Day 148: Sardine Pasta

Photo #148: May 28

Spicy angel hair sardine pasta, anyone? 🐟 The garlic got a bit toasted, but overall, I am satisfied with what I did, hehe! Spicy, garlicky, yummy! 🌶 Wish I had some lemon juice, though! 🍋 Dig in! 😋