2019 Project 365, Day 20: Crazy Tako Marikina

Photo #20: January 20

Takoyaki in Marikina! 😍 Good enough at P99 for 8 pieces. Made me miss Japan, though, especially takoyaki with cheese and mentaiko! Anyway, you can find Crazy Tako Marikina between Mcdo and Wellcome at the C&B mall near St. Scho.


2018 Project 365, Day 281: KitKat Sake

Photo #281: October 8

When in Japan, make sure to check out their unusual KitKat flavors! Now I don’t drink sake, but this caught my eye. It’s like…. white chocolate with sake. 😀



2018 Project 365, Day 279: Nissin Cheese Curry

Photo #279: October 6

Because of one of my best friends, I’m now a sucker for instant noodles from other countries. I only bought one variant from Japan: Nissin’s cheese curry. It’s good, but since I’m part mouse, I added more cheese lol 



2018 Project 365 Day 277: Yuzukosho

Photo #277: October 4

One of my proudest moments in Japan: asking for my favorite seasoning (yuzukosho) at a grocery store with my broken Japanese! 

Me: Sumimasen! Yuzukosho…doko? (Should have been “Yuzukosho doko desuka?” or “Yuzukosho doko ni arimasuka?”)
Staff: Ah, hai… *shows me my prize*
Me: Arigatou gozaimasu! *we both bow*

However, I regret not buying more of this. It’s so good that it’s already a condiment for me! I’ll definitely buy a lot more the next time I visit Japan! 



2018 Project 365 Day 276: Furikake

Photo #276: October 3

Ahhhhh furikake!!! I don’t understand most of the characters, but the pictures helped me in deciding which variants to get. I can use them for free conversation with my students!!! One of them enjoyed it so much, he said he wanted to talk freely again tomorrow! 😀