2020 Project 366: Day 155: Korean Lunch

Photo #155: June 3

My sister took care of our Korean lunch today. She ordered all these from a colleague based in San Mateo, if I remember correctly. On the table: tteokbokki, chapchae, kimbap, kimchi, samgyupsal salad, Vietnamese summer rolls (naligaw haha), and 3 kinds of rice meals (pork bulgogi, ossam bulgogi, jayeuk bokkeum).  Meogja! 👌🤤🇰🇷



2019 Project 365, Day 30: TVXQ

Photo #30: January 30
Student: I like TVXQ, especially Yunho. Officemate-san doesn’t like him … she said he looks like a MOUNTAIN GORILLA! 🙉
Me: *Googles TVXQ* Student-san, I think officemate-san is just joking, they both look good.
Student: Yeah! But officemate-san said when Yunho sings, his nose holes become big! 😂
Me: Ah, you mean his “nostrils.”
Student: Ah, yes, nostrils! Please tell officemate-san that she’s wrong! *laughter* 😅

2018 Project 365 Day 211: Buddha Ears

Photo #211: July 30

One of my gem students is Korean, and when I showed her my latest ID picture, she said that my ears were “부처님 귀” —- “Buddha ear” ahaha! According to her, Koreans (and I think even Chinese people) believe that long, thick ears attract luck! I told her about the time when I joined and won a lot of contests, and she was amazed hahaha! Anyway, regardless of what your ears look like, I think being lucky is relative. 

The Buddha face is from my bff, Ernest.



2018 Project 365, Day 191: Ekel Face Masks

Photo #191: July 10

Hoarded face masks again from Skin Soulmate Ph, enough to last until the end of this year! Face masks are necessary for me because using them is my shortcut on nights when I am too tired to do my full skincare routine! 



Project 365, Day 154: Happy Birthday, Leo!

Photo #154: June 3

Belated birthday celeb of the boyfriend at Mi Dai Korean Restaurant! Since he had a 21-km run in the morning, he ate a lot!!! 



2018 Project 365, Day 128: The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydrating Cream

Photo #128: May 8

Another amazing purchase from Skin Soulmate Ph!!! This is now my favorite moisturizer because it’s light, smells great, and easily absorbed by my skin!