2020 Project 366, Day 40: Core Group

Photo #40: February 9

Some of us were supposed to attend a birthday party, but we ended up food tripping, shooting a Maroon Talk episode, and drinking at Mark’s house! Love you, guys! #UPFight #CoreGs #CoreGroup ❤️💚

Feb 9


2020 Project 366, Day 19: Karaoke

Photo #19: January 19

My ka-#UPFight community made a list of activities we’d like to do this year, and we’re hoping to do at least 50% haha! Anyway, today, we crossed off two: watching a UPIS Junior Maroons’ game and singing our karaoke hearts out! #Peyups #UPFightClub #MaroonTalk #CoreGroup #UPISKO #GalingUPIS


2019 Project 365 Day 356: #MikeeBaka

Photo #356: December 22

Our first #MikeeBaka meet-up!!! What started as a “joke” became a full fan club, hahaha! Thank you for your time, Mikee and Kata! Hopefully, mas marami na next time.  #UPFight



2019 Project 365, Day 333: UP Pailaw/Pasasalamat

Photo #333: November 29

So hard to pick a photo for today since the Pailaw Pasasalamat event is still ongoing! Anyway here are different generations of UP fans!!! Peyups, Maroon Maniacs, UP Fight Club, Maroon Talk, whatever the label, mahal namin ang UP! #UPFight