2017 Project 365, Day 208: Mogu Tree Pesto Broth

Photo #208: July 27

Finally got to eat at Mogu Tree Noodle House again after more than a year! I used to eat here once a week before Mandi’s came along. ^^ Glad to know that they added 2 kinds of broth: pesto and shoyu! For today, I chose pesto with a tea-infused egg, seafood bun, mushroom & mozzarella balls, shrimp sakura, and oyster mushrooms. I happily slurped away, and when I was almost done, I learned that they also mixed in some peanuts. YUMMERS!!! Perfect for the rainy season! ❤



2015 Project 365, Day 172: Mogu Tree Noodle House Laksa Noodles

Photo #172: June 21

The rainy season in the Philippines has started, so it’s high time to have some delicious hot laksa noodles from one of my favorite Lilac Street restaurants, Mogu Tree Noodle House! Each serving of their noodles is so filling, regardless of the kind of soup you choose (plain or laksa – both taste quite good!). Very sulit!!! For tonight, my toppings include 3 balls (seafood, mushroom, and mozzarella), bacon, and giant mushrooms. Yum!!!



2015 Project 365, Day 59: Marikina Food Trip (again!)

Photo #59: February 28

Had another awesome Saturdate thanks to friends who visited Marikina! 🙂 First, we had lunch and dessert at Mogu Tree Noodle HouseCapriserrie Bakeshop and Café respectively. Originally, I had a movie date at night, but because it was cancelled, some of my friends decided to watch the UAAP volleyball game of FEU and NU at home. We then had dinner at OMOnok, and we even discovered a Marikina distributor of Carmen’s Best artisanal ice cream and gelato (“best” is an understatement; it’s definitely heaven in a pint!) ice cream! And now, we are watching the finale of the The Voice of the Philippines. Clingy much???? Haha! Good vibes! 😀



2015 Project 365, Day 38: Mogu Tree Noodle House + Capriserrie with Ahl

Photo #38: February 7

Had an impromptu dinner with Ahl at Mogu Tree Noodle House & Capriserrie Bakeshop and Café. It was his first time in those dining places, so I was really pleased that he enjoyed both. Until our next food trip! ^^



2014 Project 365, Day 284: Marikina Food Trip

Photo #284: October 11

Whenever Jero’s around, we really have to meet up! For this Isko Rushers meet up (with some special guests: Tons and Divine), we decided to have a Marikina food trip since Jero and Divine haven’t tried any of the dining places here, while it has been a while since Mariuz’s last visit. We ate atMogu Tree Noodle House, Capriserrie Bakeshop and Café, and Pan de Amerikana (Official)! So voracious! :p I hope that during Jero’s next visit, our fellow Isko Rushers Marc and Leo could join us na. We ate a lot for you, guys!! 😀