2019 Project 365, Day 328: Hunchos Marikina

Photo #328: November 24

Haven’t seen each other in 2 weeks! Thank you for feeding me today, hehe! Tried Hunchos along Lilac, and their food’s pretty good, including the serving sizes. They also have more menu options, and possibly better tasting dishes than Burrito Brothers.

Happy 112th monthsary to us, btw. 



2014 Project 365, Day 327: Double Monthsary Date

Photo #327: November 23

Excuse us for the cheesiness; we had a double monthsary celebration (today for us, tomorrow for Eds and Levi)! <# Leo and I had lunch first at Yellow Cab for a side project I had to complete, and then we had dinner at Sambokojin with the other pair of lovebirds. Such a cheesy Sundate! ^^ Happy monthsary to us! 🙂

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Project 366 – Year 2012: Day 267

Photo #267: September 23

Happy 26th monthsary to me and my Leo! ♥ Had an early celebration as we had breakfast for free with Jesfer and Shiela! Thanks to BayLeaf Restaurant & Bar Lounge for the GCs! Buffet breakfast!!! ^^ Leo and I then watched “The Mistress” at Gateway and had dinner at Italianni’s. This time, thanks to The Araneta Center because of rewarding me with P1, 000 worth of food for being one of their top fans last month! 😀 Happy and lucky, that’s what we are! ♥