Multiple-Entry Japan Visa!!!

My interest in Japan began when I was an elementary school student as watching anime was something my siblings and I enjoyed. Our favorite back then was Yū Yū Hakusho a.k.a. Ghost Fighter!

After anime, my love shifted to Japanese food, especially sashimi and ramen. However, after going to Japan for the first time in September 2018, I realized that TAKOYAKI IS THE BEST! You’ll see how much I enjoyed it in this video from RareJob Inc. (7:47).

It’s no secret that I love my job as an English teacher to Japanese students, and interacting with them every day has made my love for Japan grow. In addition, I now have a cousin-in-law from Yokohama, the mother of my very cute half-Japanese nephew, and [edited] niece! (Also, I was able to visit them just last November 2019)

Thanks to RareJob Inc., my dream to visit Japan happened earlier than expected! We were easily granted single-entry visas because the company was our guarantor. We explored Tokyo and DisneySea in 5 days, and man, after that experience, I wanted more!!! Hence, I decided to apply for a multiple-entry visa!

You’ll find a lot of blogs on applying for Japan visas, so I’ll keep this brief! First, here are the documents I submitted:

1. Philippine passport
2. Visa application form and multiple-entry request form
3. Original birth certificate
4. Original bank certificates (you can submit only one as long as the amount is acceptable enough; there is no set amount but make sure it will at least cover your stay in Japan without leaving you broke hehe)
5. Income Tax Return (Form 1701A)
6. Copy of Certificate of Registration
7. Documents from RareJob Inc.: Tutor Agreement, Certificate of Engagement, and Engagement Verification
8. Copies of hotel booking confirmation
9. Copy of flight confirmation
10. Itinerary in Japan
11. Cover letter

Items 5-7 are specifically for self-employed professionals. The cover letter is not required, but I added it for good measure, and I would like to share it with you:


I’d like to think that this is one of the reasons why I was granted a visa, but of course, completing the mandatory requirements is actually a lot more important. It wouldn’t hurt to include a cover letter, though, hehe!

Also, here is what I wrote on the multiple-entry request form:


I submitted all of these to the SM North branch of Attic Tours. There are other accredited agencies, but this one’s the nearest to where I live, plus RareJob also chose them for our trip. On both occasions, I got my visa within 2 days! Their handling fee is higher than others, though – P1680 for a single-entry visa, P2180 for a multiple-entry one. However, the fee didn’t matter anymore once I saw my visa!!!


I whooped and jumped when the agent showed me my visa! I also had goosebumps for a few minutes hahaha! I am now even more determined to work harder so I can visit Japan as many times as I can!!! ❤

To all those who are planning to apply, make sure to follow all the instructions and submit the necessary documents, all of which you can find on the Japan Embassy’s website. Ganbatte ne!