2018 Project 365, Day 140: The Dimsum Place

Photo #140: May 20

Had a feast at The Dimsum Place after 3 weeks of not seeing each other! On the table: steamed chicken with mushrooms, asado rice bowl, hakaw (super siksik!!!), beef wanton noodle soup, salted egg tofu, and milk tea! Watched “Deadpool 2” at one of Fishermall’s VIP cinemas after. A Sundate well-spent. 



2018 Project 365, Day 132: Spicy Fried Rice

Photo #132: May 12

Garlic, mushrooms, teriyaki Spam, scrambled eggs, hot sauce, and chili flakes. My sustenance for a few days since I will be busy working and doing chores in preparation for something big in June! 😀



2017 Project 365, Day 56: Shrimps and Mushrooms!

Photo #56: February 25

Mandi’s Grill Grub really knows my weakness! No matter how busy I am with work, I will find time for SHRIMPS! These are bathed in hoisin sauce and lots of chopped chili, along with three kinds of mushrooms (shitake, black fungus, and another). Aaaaand the garlic rice that came with it? Ahhh divine! A perfect meal on this 13-hour work day!



2016 Project 365, Day 286: Mushroom Harvesting

Photo #286: September 12

I harvested my Pot Hed Inc gourmet mushrooms today! Decided to use them for this haphazardly prepared garlic-tuna pasta. I only had a little over an hour to cook before my last batch of classes – 30 minutes of which, I spent on peeling/chopping garlic (I used a lot, like A LOT hehe). Anyway, the mushrooms taste great! They have this pleasantly spongy-chewy texture, and though they look thin, they’re actually quite substantial. Will be prepping my kits for another batch of yummy mushrooms! (You can grow up to 4 batches in just one kit!)