2018 Project 365, Day 19: Plantronics Headset

Photo #19: January 19

Switched back to Plantronics because the boyfriend said I need it more than he does, so he’ll be using my Logitech headset instead. Huhu, thank you, dear!  p.s. I like both brands – Logitech for their microphone, Plantronics for their cord and control for volume adjustment & muting on Skype.



2017 Project 365, Day 340: Spotify 2017

Photo #340: November 6

Had this been a test, I would have failed big time compared to the number of minutes I’ve seen among my friends! And yes, 90s music is still the best for me! Long live the Backstreet Boys ahahaha!



2016 Project 365, Day 19: Nate Ruess Manila Concert

Photo #19: January 19

Thank you so much to 8List for the VIP tickets!!! Nate Reuess sounds even better live! He’s energy personified! ❤



2015 Project 365, Day 64: Christina Perri Head or Heart Tour Asia

Photo #64: March 5

When I watched The Script’s second Manila concert in 2013, I fulfilled a part of my bucket list: to be in the front row of a concert. I never thought I could ever repeat that, but as what Christina Perri sang earlier, “…it’s fate, not luck!” What was supposed to be a movie date for me and Angel turned into a concert date as I won a pair of patron, VIP, front row tickets from Mellow 94.7!!! It felt so surreal, and Christina sounded even better live! She was very energetic! And her armpits are so sexy!!!! Haha! 😀 But what made this night even more memorable is learning that this is Angel’s first time to watch a concert of an international artist, so I really think winning those tickets was meant to happen! ❤



2014 Project 365, Day 319: Sergio Mendes Live in Manila 2014

Photo #319: November 15

Muito obrigado to Kit and Monster Radio RX93.1 for the tickets to Sergo Mendes’ concert! Even if I didn’t know any of the songs (except for the last one, “Mas Que Nada,” the one featured in “Rio”), I still enjoyed watching and listening to him and his guests. Also, Kit and I had an awesome Korean dinner at Kogi Bulgogi before the concert, so it was a night of good food and music! ^^



Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 294

Photo #294: October 21

I grew up listening mostly to 90s music, so winning tickets to the #SugarSmashGin concert made me so happy and excited! It’s the 3rd concert I’ve attended this year, but this time, I didn’t pay for my tickets yey!! Haha!

Smash Mouth: sang a lot of unknown songs, but got the crowd going with “All Star.”

Sugar Ray: Mark McGrath’s so endearing! They had a freestyle kareoke sing-off with two members of the audience and it was wild! Kudos to the guy who gamely sang and danced to Gangnam Style!

Gin Blossoms: I was actually looking forward to watching them the most, but I was disappointed because Robin Wilson sounded different: I prefer listening to their recorded songs  Ewan, he sounded kind of hmmm bopek? Ah well, I still enjoyed the experience nevertheless.

Surprisingly (for me, at least), Sugar Ray was my favorite last night! The concert began with a front act: Color It Red. Marcky and I danced, cheered, waved, bobbed our heads, and sang to our hearts’ content until 1am! What is sulit??? 

Again, thank you so much to @psresibo on Instagram for giving away a pair of Patron tickets! 

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