2018 Project 365 Day 234: Matcha Mucho

Photo #334: August 22

I drank a lot of matcha today! The latte mix is not overwhelmingly milky nor sweet (but I also need to find the right powder-water ratio hehehe). On the other hand, the ceremonial matcha powder has a strong smell, but it isn’t as bitter as I expected it to be! Anyway, it was easy to purchase these from Matcha Mucho! The owner/s seem nice and polite, and they reply quickly, with complete information! 



Project 365, Day 160: Harry Potter Music Box

Photo #160: June 9

This is my first time to include a video in my Project 365 album. Potterheads, make sure to watch it! Thanks to my brother Kian for this awesome gift!



2018 Project 365, Day 19: Plantronics Headset

Photo #19: January 19

Switched back to Plantronics because the boyfriend said I need it more than he does, so he’ll be using my Logitech headset instead. Huhu, thank you, dear!  p.s. I like both brands – Logitech for their microphone, Plantronics for their cord and control for volume adjustment & muting on Skype.



2016 Project 365, Day 19: Nate Ruess Manila Concert

Photo #19: January 19

Thank you so much to 8List for the VIP tickets!!! Nate Reuess sounds even better live! He’s energy personified! ❤