Project 366 – Year 2012: Day 361

Photo #361: December 26

Quick meet-up with Geh! 🙂 One of my closest friends from CDP ^^



How seven of us became proud of owners of Nokia X7s!

June 28, 2011

Five of us – Leo, Farn, Arvie, Shiela, and I – watched Nokia Philippines’ advance screening of Transformers 3. It was there that we learned about the X7 promo. We had a fantastic time during that premiere! We saw celebrities and we even became instant celebrities as well because we were interviewed by Jack TV and Star World. Two of my friends have seen it na on Star World!

June 29, 2011

I posted a message on Nokia Philippines Facebook Fan Page, saying thank you for premiering Transformers 3. I also asked how much is the Nokia X7. They replied promptly and even told me to join the X7 promo. I told them that we were indeed planning to join.

July 1, 2011

Dennis created a private Facebook group for us so we can brainstorm and conceptualize what we should submit for the X7 promo. The members are as follows:

Geh — official photographer

KC — official lucky charm

Leo — official prince charming ni lucky charm

Farn — team supervisor

Arvie — boss ni team supervisor

Shiela — secretary

Dennis — extra

Haha! We kept posting links of pictures, ideas, and mostly posts about claiming the seven X7s already! We were so pumped up to be declared the winners even if we still did not have any entry.

July 12, 2011

A day before the deadline of sending entries, we finally had our photoshoot, which lasted for about two and a half hours. It was tiring, but fun! And like on Facebook, we kept imagining what we would say once we claim our prizes! Yes, we were that confident and that positive that we will win!

July 13, 2011

The first thing we did was to determine which pictures to send and we came up with five.

July 15, 2011

Waiting was so nerve-wracking for on this day, at 3pm, judging of the entries began!

July 18, 2011

We were quite impatient because no winners were announced yet. Anyways, on the night of this day, we four girls – myself, Shiela, Farn, and Geh attended another movie premiere. We had dinner first and when we were on the cinema floor, Geh remembered that she left her phone. Fortunately, Shiela and Farn kept it. When Geh got it, there was a missed call. Good thing the caller called again and Farn was like, “Nokia yan!” she was actually just joking, but Geh mouthed, “NOKIA!” AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. All dignity forgotten, Shiela and Farn kept screaming! Hahaha! I did my best to control myself otherwise Megamall might have kicked us out hahaha We texted the three boys and received different reactions: Arvie suddenly forgot his spelling, Leo was doubtful, and Dennis wanted to leave his class. :)) We all were so happy!

July 17-22, 2011

We kept saying “Kelan kaya natin makukuha?! Excited na ako!” Dennis was even practicing how to use a touch phone! Haha! Finally, on the night of July 22, ayun na. They said we can claim our X7s on Monday, July 25. YEY! 😀

July 25, 2011

Ayan na. Eto na. Kaya nga napublish ko na ang note na ito! Hahaha! Pictures can be viewed HERE.