2019 Project 365, Day 210: Japanese Chopsticks & Rests

Photo #210: July 29

Although I’ve been to Japan thrice, I always forget to buy chopsticks! So now I’m thrilled to have my own thanks to my cousin Hexel Hexel and cousin-in-law Chiharu-chan! They even included some adorable hashi oki or chopstick rests! Arigatou! 



2019 Project 365, Day 201: Stickers Under Japanese Cup Noodles

Photo #201: July 20

I just recently learned what the stickers at the bottom of Japanese cup noodles are for! 😅🙌 No more using random objects to seal the cup while waiting for the noodles to cook! 😂 I also discovered that Nissin’s Chili Tomato is yummy, too! 😋🍜



2019 Project 365, Day 200: Glico Cheeza

Photo #200: July 19

A much cheaper alternative to Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory’s salt & Camembert cookies!!!! These crackers are just less than 200 yen. They’re not milky, but super cheesy! The yellow one is cheddar, the blue one is Camembert! So good!!! 🤤😋🧀



2019 Project 365, Day 199: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cookies

Photo #199: July 18

I regret not getting more of these salt & Camembert cookies from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory! Super yummy! My sister said they taste like something premium! Well, she’s not wrong; these are expensive but worth every yen! 😂🤤😋



2019 Project 365 Day 191: Gudetama & Castella

Photo #191: July 10

Was preparing for something when I remembered I bought these in Nagasaki: a Gudetama (my fave Sanrio character) accessory and a Castella purse.  Ughhhhh so cute!!! Will definitely use these on my next vacation! 😀