2020 Project 366, Day 73: Ube-Cheese Pandesal

Photo #73: March 13

Last week, I tried Dekada 90’s ube-cheese pandesal, and I was disappointed. Their filling’s quite good, but the rest of the bread, not really. Then I found this one from Chubbies Qcina Cafe, and I will definitely come back for more! Cheaper pa at P50 for 5 pieces vs. the former at P90 for 6 pieces.



2015 Project 365, Day 141: Shippam’s Salmon Spread + Balai Pandesal’s Bonete

Photo #141: May 21

Tiny food sometimes packs the most flavor, and the same can be said for Shippam’s salmon spread & Balai Pandesal’s bonete. I bought the former at Landmark Trinoma, and I was really surprised that it’s quite good! It’s like super finely ground salmon flesh that’s then put together again, creating a “meaty” spread. Heck, it tastes much better than canned salmon! On the other hand, the bonete pandesal is a treat from Marc, and even without any kind of spread, it does taste great! Needless to say, these two make a great gastronomic pair! 😀

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