2019 Project 365, Day 54: New Books!

Photo #54: February 23

What I got from #TheBigBadWolfBookSale  Yeah, they’re nothing compared to the heaps of books many of you bought, but I’m satisfied (repeat until convinced lol). I didn’t include the 3rd book because I will give it to someone.#Imatbbwmanila19 #bigbadwolfph #bigbadwolfmanila#ThisIsFromBBWManila19



2017 Project 365, Day 219: Japanese Percy Jackson

Photo #219: August 7

“When I saw your profile, I was surprised! You like Percy Jackson!” – from a new and most likely another loyal young learner – she booked my class again tomorrow!  Gotta love Japan’s summer vacation – so many cute and nice YL students! 

Percy Jackson (2)


Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 355

Photo #355: December 21

Finally had time to catch up on my reading! Finished Rick Riordan’s “The House of Hades” in less than 5 hours while having my hair done. I shamelessly cried because of many touching parts, including the revelation about Nico Di Angelo! Awwww! </3 I can’t wait for the final book in The Heroes of Olympus series – “The Blood of Olympus”! October 2014, come to momma! 😀



Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 203

Photo #203: July 22

I did a lot of chores today (mostly gardening; the rainy season surely does wonders on unwanted plants/weeds), and before taking a bath, I started re-reading this (for the nth time!! hihi) in preparation for its film adaptation. Based on the trailer, there were a lot of changes made (as expected), but I will still watch the movie! 😀