2019 Project 365, Day 314: UAAP 82 Semis, Game 1

Photo #314: November 10

Ngiting nag-iisip na ng pakulo for the finals. Hahahahahahahahaha huhuhuhuhu #UPFight pa rin, mga ka-Peyups! Masakit, pero move on at support pa rin!!! #MaroonManiacs #NotFairWeatherFans



2019 Project 365, Day 303: Peyups Peeps

Photo #303: October 30

Hello from the titas and titos of peyups(dot)com! Thank you to everyone who helped us distribute our #UPFight mini banners! See you again on November 10! Our team needs us even more now!



2019 Project 365, Day 289: UP vs. UST, Round 2, UAAP 82

Photo #289: September 16

Diliman x Los Baños represent! Smiling despite the loss because someone gave me a Mernel’s cake! Hahahaha! #UPFight



2019 Project 365, Day 279: UP vs. FEU, Round 2, UAAP 82

Photo #279: October 6

Still all smiles despite losing to FEU because we overcame a 19-pt deficit and forced an overtime, kinapos lang hahaha still a great game!



2019 Project 365, Day 278: Instant Thai Milk Tea

Photo #278: October 5

Tonight, we sleep tight. Tomorrow, we… #UPFight! Haha #pilit. Thanks to captain Finn for the mug and this super yummy milk tea from Thailand! Excited to FACE the second round tomorrow! ❤️💚 #Atin82 #peyups #MaroonManiacs #FightingMaroons



2019 Project 365, Day 272: UP vs. AdMU, Round 1, UAAP 82

Photo #272: September 29

Smiling but deep inside, cursing the referees.  Second round, bring it on! #UPFight #DiRinMagbabagoAngDamdamin



2017 Project 365, Day 139: Unplanned Day Off

Photo #139: May 19

Originally, my only plans were to receive an insurance policy, find a gift box, and teach again when I get home. I ended up having my hair colored, getting my toenails done, being spoiled by my favorite Lilac St. restaurant, and meeting some friends! Basically, I took an unplanned day off, and I have no regrets. ❤