2017 Project 365, Day 139: Unplanned Day Off

Photo #139: May 19

Originally, my only plans were to receive an insurance policy, find a gift box, and teach again when I get home. I ended up having my hair colored, getting my toenails done, being spoiled by my favorite Lilac St. restaurant, and meeting some friends! Basically, I took an unplanned day off, and I have no regrets. ❤



2017 Project 365, Day 107: Peyups Buddies

Photo #107: April 17

“Eyeballs” like this are precious since they happen only once every few years. So glad to have caught up with these peyups.com girls! From online interaction to lifetime friendship! Memories huhu!!! :jumpclap: :heartpump: :unibersidad:



2014 Project 365, Day 357: Dinner with Peyups Friends

Photo #357: December 23

Had dinner with some Peyups friends at Lugang Cafe and Dolcelatte (Coffee Edition, Inc.). It was so nice to reminisce about peyups.com and its members. We shared a lot of funny, sexy, wild, scary, flirty, etc. memories because of that site! ❤

image (2)


Blessed and cheesy ^^

Last Friday, I sent a message to some of my friends. Good friends are those who care without hesitation, remember without limitation, and remain the same even without communication. One of them replied with *like* =)

And with that reply, a cheesy exchange followed:

Me: Hehe miss ko na kayo. Malapit na maganniv ikaw at si von! ♥

Kat: ongaeh.. Hihi. Heksayted na kami :)) kayo rin ni “sir Leo” malapit na! Haha! :p

Me: Hahaha onga eh.. Katuwa no, parang kelan lang. Sarap ng feeling. ^^

Kat: Oo parang kelan lang super single tayo! Grabe.. Ngayon tayo na yung tipong one half of a super couple.. Hahaha.. Dati naiinggit ako kina kuya jepoi, etc. :))

Me: Apir! Dati sobrang drama ko, panay unrequited love.. Ngaun, parang tayo na pwd kainggitan haha ^^

Kat: Oo!! Hahaha. Parang bigla nalang *boom* dumating bigla ang blessing.. Hihi =D Minsan ba naffeel mo na rin na shet, di ako makapaniwala na i’m this happy? Hahaha

Me: Ohmygosh oo! Pati si Leo, parang di namin maisip kung bakit ganito kami ka “suwerte.” Ang drama natin hihi parang too good to be true, but super ok lang!

Kat: Hahaha oongaeh. Let’s be thankful na lang sobra. =) I’m happy for you guys 🙂 I’m happy for us rin. Hehe! Apir!

Me: Super duper happy for both of us and our princes! ♥

Ok, so February has long gone and moved on (The Script mode haha), but it doesn’t mean na hindi na tayo puwede magpaka-cheesy di ba?! Haha! Ang saya lang talaga namin ni Kat! ♥