Project 365, Day 154: Happy Birthday, Leo!

Photo #154: June 3

Belated birthday celeb of the boyfriend at Mi Dai Korean Restaurant! Since he had a 21-km run in the morning, he ate a lot!!! 



2018 Project 365, Day 118: Mi Dai Korean Restaurant

Photo #118: April 28

2 years ago, Mi Dai Korean Restaurant opened along Rainbow Street. After a few months, they transfered to Lilac Street, in front of the Rancho 1 gate. However, due to unexpected circumstances, they had to close again. They finally reopened last week at #19 Lilac – near Forget Me Not Cafe. They now offer an unlimited buffet aside from their usual samgyupsal!



2018 Project 365, Day 98: Gui Gui Korean Grill Lilac Street

Photo #98: April 8

My sister is a picky eater and rarely goes to buffets. However, she has a soft spot for Korean barbecue restaurants, so when she told me that she wanted to try Gui Gui Korean Grill along Lilac Street, who am I to refuse?  Her target was to grill around 10 plates of beef, and we almost did: 8 plates, plus 1 plate of pork. All of us also enjoyed the buffet spread, particularly the shredded potatoes, pandan jelly, fried chicken, kimchi, and spicy fish cake. They no longer have an opening promo, so we paid P449 each, which we believe is still a good deal.




2017 Project 365, Day 181: Samgyupsal Face!

Photo #181: June 30

I take my samgyupsal seriously. =p Didn’t notice how rosy my cheeks were until Leo told me so hihi! So that’s what 3 days of complete sleep can do! I also noticed that my eye bags were significantly less pronounced. However, such nice facial skin is only short-lived as tomorrow’s a new month, which means I’ll be waking up early and sleeping late for at least 3 weeks. Push! But of course, I won’t forget to eat well! ^^



2016 Project 365, Day 331: RareJob Materials Team

Photo #331: November 26

In the future, if ever I decide to be a RareJob Philippines, Inc. employee, I will want to apply for the Materials Team because most of the work-related e-mails I send concern them. Glad to have found a few friends from the team as well. Thank you for visiting Marikina again, guys! Next time, let’s invite you-know-who. Lols =p word of the day: CHUNKY! 😀