2020 Project 366, Day 172: Latest Vizago Stash

Photo #172: June 20

Latest skincare stash and freebies from Vizago Beauty Hub  (HJDSL VIZAGO BEAUTY HUB)! The owner is one of the most appreciative and resourceful people I know! She started creating her own skincare line because not all Korean products work well with her skin. I’ve been a loyal user of her magic serum for quite some time now; it has a variety of oils with anti-aging properties. 👌

Can’t wait to try your chili garlic, Hannah! 🤤 #SupportSmallBusinesses



2019 Project 365, Day 42: Skincare Surprise

Photo #42: February 11

Received a pleasant surprise today!  I simply enjoy posting about products or establishments I like because they deserve to be recognized, but bonuses like these make me kilig! Thank you to Jaq of Skin Soulmate Ph, my main source of skincare products!



2019 Project 365, Day 38: Skincare Routine

Photo #38: February 7

On my face: Dear, Klairs’ Supple Preparation Toner (my fave as in!), Banila Co.’s CC cream, and Fluffmatte in 143 from Sunnies Face – my current fave lipstick because the color stays on even after I’ve eaten!

This pic was originally just a story, but I received a lot of feedback about it, particularly comments and inquiries about my skin! So here’s my skincare routine, including the products I use.

In the morning, before taking a bath, I use a foam wash. I don’t use any specific brand as I like changing this every now and then, but my fave would be a charcoal wash. I use Snail White’s Whipp soap after. Haha ang linis ng mukha ko.  After my bath, I use a toner and a day cream, which changes depending on my mood, but generally, I like Pond’s White Beauty Day Cream or Banila Co.’s CC cream.

2) In the evening, my skincare routine usually starts at 6 pm because I use many products, so I use/apply them during my 5-minute class breaks! If I have any makeup on, I clean my face first with micellar water. I currently use L’Oreal’s, but any will do. Actually, an oil-based cleaner is also good. I then wash my face with the same morning routine products.

3) I use SkinFood’s black sugar scrub 2-3 times a week (original and strawberry are both good). This smells yummy, so be careful not to lick it hahaha! I also use this on my lips, though separate lip scrubs are also recommended.

4) Next, toner again!  I just use my hands kasi sayang kung ilalagay niyo pa sa cotton. At least ma-tone din hands ninyo hahaha!

5) Application of essences, ampoules, and serums. I don’t always have these, but when I do, I use them in the said order. Currently, I’m using Lebelage Repair Collagen Ampoule and Pond’s Flawless Radiance Derma+ Perfecting Serum. Generally, I’d go for collagen products because they keep my skin hydrated. 

6) I use a face mask almost every day, but you can skip this a few times a week. I love putting them on cold, so I store my masks in the ref! 

7) Eye cream!!! Very important because I don’t want any visible wrinkles or crow’s feet! I don’t have a preferred brand, but I’ve used Mizon, Laniege, 3W, and also Kiehl’s.

8) I end my nightly skincare routine with Laniege’s lip mask and a sleeping water mask or moisturizer, whichever is available. Sometimes, I use both to get extra smooth skin! My favorite now is L’Oreal’s Hydra Fresh Anti-Shine Icy Gel, which can also be applied in the morning. Ang cool niya sa face, mga bes! Sarap! 

I get most of these from Skin Soulmate Ph because the owner is highly pro-active in giving skincare advice, not just based on your skin type, but also your budget! Anyway, trial and error din ang skincare. What works for me may not work for you because we may have different skin types, so just treat this as a guide. Moreover, anything great doesn’t happen overnight, so tiyagain niyo lang! 



2018 Project 365, Day 105: Skin Soulmate PH

Photo #105: April 15

Because food and Korean beauty/skincare products are life, check out Skin Soulmate Ph! Wish I could say all of these are mine… sadly, I have to exercise extreme self-control not to open the honey butter almonds… =p



2017 Project 365, Day 327: Korean Skincare Products

Photo #327: November 23

So excited to try my latest purchases from Jaq (thanks for the freebies, girl)!!! She sells authentic Korean beauty products, so send her a message to complete your X-step skincare routine!!! 😀