2018 Project 365, Day 206: RareJob Ambassadors Part 2

Photo #206: July 25

I feel like I gained 2 more sisters as I “met” my co-ambassadors for the first time on Skype today! They are so energetic and radiant, I can’t wait to meet them in person!!! We feel like we’re going to do a lot of laughing when that happens! 😀

July 25


2018 Project 365, Day 201: Updated Skype

Photo #201: July 20

Updated Skype on both of my laptops today, and I really love the call notification sound! I bob my head every time I call a student! In addition, I love how we can already react to messages, especially the poop reaction wahaha! Simple joys!!!

July 20


2018 Project 365, Day 101: Dug – UP!

Photo #101: April 11

Situation: You have a new dog, so you hired a dog trainer named James. You are going to meet him at the city park. Help the dog trainer find his way.
Godzilla student: This is my DUG!