2019 Project 365 Day 191: Gudetama & Castella

Photo #191: July 10

Was preparing for something when I remembered I bought these in Nagasaki: a Gudetama (my fave Sanrio character) accessory and a Castella purse.  Ughhhhh so cute!!! Will definitely use these on my next vacation! 😀




2019 Project 365, Day 94: Of Photos & Magnets

Photo #94: April 4

In 2012, my family and I went to Singapore, and of course, Universal Studios was part of our itinerary. “Revenge of the Mummy” was one of the attractions that have souvenir photos, and unfortunately, we didn’t purchase ours because we thought it was expensive. My sister and I regret that decision until now, especially since our parents and brother migrated to the US a few weeks after the trip. Since then, I’ve been willing to spend on photographs on nearly all my travels. They are my favorite souvenirs, along with magnets. These are my latest mementos, and I am looking forward to having more.

Today, I lost my paternal grandmother. She had been bedridden for at least two years already, so during every reunion, we’d have our pictures taken with her. She may be gone, but those captured moments shall keep her memory alive.

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”