2018 Project 365, Day 18: Basilur Black Tea

Photo #18: January 18

Since I ate too much yesterday, I drank a lot of tea today. Thanks for these,Lheen!!! My favorite’s the strawberry & kiwi variant! ❤



2017 Project 365, Day 290: Barley Tea

Photo #290: October 17

Drank a lot of barley tea today because tomorrow’s going to be a feast day =p I love this type of tea because it can be steeped in cold water. So refreshingly yummy!  Thanks to my cousin & cousin-in-law for this! ❤



2017 Project 365, Day 131: Getting Rid of Cough

Photo #131: May 11

“Teacher, are you okay? Your voice sounds sick.” Huhuhu no more sore throat, but my cough has worsened, so there’s still some pain. Ugh. How to get rid of it fast???? Thankfully, all my students today were so understanding; some advised me to see a doctor, others said I can freely drink water during their class. ❤



2017 Project 365, Day 106: Hungry Panda Food House Marikina

Photo #106: April 16

Happy Easter, happy eaters! Opted for a Chinese lunch with my loves as we tried Hungry Panda Food House Marikina. On the table: Yang Chow fried rice, buttered chicken, beef broccoli flower, and lechon kawali. My favorite’s the chicken, which looked dry, but was actually quite flavorful and had a nice crunch. I initially thought the beef broccoli was salty, but it got better as we munched on. The lechon kawali’s okay, but dry. We finished the rice! 3 hungry pandas, eh? We also loved their chili oil!!! I usually judge a Chinese restaurant by their chili oil, so good job, Hungry Panda! Great for groups! ^^



2017 Project 365, Day 101: Apple Crumble Tea

Photo #101: April 11

Finally tried Geraldine‘s gift all the way from the land of tea and biscuits, London! It’s my first time to use loose leaf tea, and oh my gosh, this one’s extra fragrant and perfect as a cold refreshment this summer! Actually, I even ate the soaked fruit tisane and mixed some into the resulting drink. Yummers!!! Thank you, mate! :-*



2017 Project 365, Day 33: Oishi Tea Matchi

Photo #33: February 2

One of the things I like about grocery shopping is finding new items – “new” in the sense that it’s my first time to see them (although sometimes, they are, indeed, new products in the market). These are some of my latest finds: Tea Matchi from Oishi. Naturally, I enjoyed the matcha flavor more, not because it’s matcha, but because it’s less sweet than the premium variant. I bought them at SM Masinag for P20.50 each.