2019 Project 365 Day 346: 37th RareJob Good Tutor Awards

Photo #346: December 12


Weeeeeee congratulations!!!! Good Tutor Awards!!! 🤩

3rd grand slam!! 😍 First time to get two awards in all 3 batches! ☺️ #WeAreRareJob



2019 Project 365, Day 288: 96/100

Photo #288: October 15

“I am happy because I got my English test today, and it’s 96!!! I think it’s because of RareJob… *light bulb moment* because of you!!! Thank you!!!” 🤗😘

I’ve been teaching this loyal kid since March last year. So proud huhu! ☺️😍 #WeAreRareJob

Oct 15


2019 Project 365, Day 202: Approved by Mommy

Photo #202: July 21

Getting the approval of my kids’ parents is truly priceless! 😍Maaaan, the Young Learners premium program is really my favorite! 🤩

Thanks for sharing this, Ryan! We are all considered the best by our loyal gems! 🥰 #WeAreRareJob



2019 Project 365, Day 170: Eiken

Photo #170: June 19

Two of my loyal kids happily shared that they passed their Eiken (an English proficiency test in Japan) writing, reading, and listening tests! I’m one proud mama… teacher!  We now have to prepare for the speaking part! がんばりましょう! 



2018 Project 365, Day 324: Crayola School Tour

Photo #324: November 20

Today was a colorful day, thanks to Crayola‘s Create-It-Yourself School Tour! I had a great time teaching 5 to 10-year old kids how to be creative and protect the earth at the same time! We used Crayola products, which are all washable, kid-friendly, and safe for the environment!  I got a lot of hugs and sweet messages, plus a surprise: I met a high school batchmate’s kid who was equally surprised!  #ChooseWashable



2018 Project 365, Day 293: Soroban Competition

Photo #293: October 20

Another proud parent moment: one of my kids received her certificate for a soroban (Japanese abacus) competition, which she joined in August. What’s so amazing about it is that she is #5 out of 828 junior high school students from different parts of Japan! すごい!



2018 Project 365, Day 82: Teacher!

Photo #82: March 23

When I was an elementary school student, I wanted to be a scientist. Come high school, I wanted to be a lawyer. However, inspired by my awesome English teachers, I realized I wanted to teach. Thank you for this, JC! This goes out to my fellow teachers as well! Continue molding minds, inspiring creativity, and honing talents!   

p.s. want to be an online English teacher? Register now!!!