2017 Project 365, Day 329: Richard at Roobi!

Photo #329: November 25

I have worked so hard in the last 5 days, so naturally, I have this intense desire to go out and socialize in real life!!! Thank you for heeding my call, Rich!!! I miss you huhu!!! Glad that you also enjoyed the food at┬áRoobi – Hot Pot and Teppanyaki! Wow, Richard at Roobi! Lol! ­čśÇ



2017 Project 365, Day 308: Post-Halloween Party

Photo #308: November 4

Post-Halloween party with Jason Mraz, Ace Ventura, Jade of Everwing, the Mario brothers, Princess Peach, Pikachu, Ash Ketchum, Wendy, Charlie Brown, Lucy Van Pelt, Death Stroke, some animals, and a Quiddich Seeker!!!