Goodbye, 2012!

Yehes, I have a year-end blog entry! 😀 I’ll start with some of the highlights for each month:


– My dear Leo won two Asha phones for his “Why do you QWERTY?” essay.

Mikey Bustos replied to my tweet and I got to meet him in person thanks to The Morning Rush!

– I was able to attend the first book signing of Chico and Delamar! 🙂

– I passed my resignation letter!


– I resigned after working for three years at Chungdahm! One of the best decisions I made haha =p And then I started to work AT home, thanks to Odesk!

– Leo and I won a GC each for an overnight stay for two with buffet breakfast at the Holiday Inn! Yes, we both won! 😀


– After nearly six years in the US, my father came home! :’) He arrived in time for my 26th birthday and my brother’s graduation! ❤

– As a major gift for the years he was away, Papa made sure we had a family trip abroad: we went to Singapore! I met some of the SG Rushers there!


– Watched Greyson Chance‘s concert, thanks to RX!

– Got to use the Holiday Inn overnight GC; my siblings and I stayed there after watching “The Avengers” (thanks to Lenovo!)

– The biggest and one of the most important events ever: my parents and brother migrated to the US, leaving me and my sister here. 😦


– Celebrated our 22nd month by staying at the Picasso hotel in Makati! Leo won that overnight stay in December of 2011. 🙂

– We were able to watch Lifehouse concert because first, Leo won Upper box B tickets thanks to Dayly Entertainment, and second, because of my RX friend Arden (a.k.a Alpha of Radio One before), we suddenly found ourselves in the Lower Box section! Lucky much! 😀


– Leo and I watched another concert for free: ICONS at the MOA Arena. I won the tickets via Guestlist.ph 🙂

– I learned how to cook, like really cook. Haha! My first masterpiece: I was able to replicate my mom’s carbonara!

– Leo won another phone, an Alcatel Glory X918 thanks to the Morning Rush! We sold the phone to a fellow rusher hehe 😀


– Back to watching the UP Fighting Maroons Men’s Basketball team’s games live! UP FIGHT!

– Leo and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary! We used the money we got from selling the Alcatel phone he won and we also used the Holiday Inn GC he won last February. ❤


– Thanks to Fofo Lifestyle, I was able to organize my first give-away on the UP Fighting Maroons’ fan page! 🙂


– Potted Potter!!! So funny! 😀 A must-see parody whether you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series or not. 🙂

– Leo won another phone on The Morning Rush again!!! This time, it’s a high-end one and so far, the first of it’s kind: a Samsung Galaxy Beam. It has a projector!!!

The UP Pep Squad won this year’s Cheering Competition again! Woot! I also got to meet some of them thanks to The Morning Rush!

– I finally got to see Delamar’s son – the very handsome Cooper – in person! ❤


– Got to meet Vice Ganda, thanks again to the Morning Rush!

– I bought a new camera, an IXUS 1100! It’s so much better than the old one!

– Leo and I finally got to try Yabu: House of Katsu! Great food, quality service!

– Leo claimed the Samsung Galaxy Beam he won and we decided to keep it. It is both ours, but I’m the one who’s currently using it. 🙂 Because of that phone, I finally created an Instagram account!


– Attended my first Rusher badminton EB, but I didn’t play haha =p

– Attended my first official bloggers’ event!

– Got to watch “Rise of the Guardians” at IMAX thanks to Pinoy Exchange! One of my favorite movies of the year!


– Had a lot of food trips with Leo and some of my closest Rusher friends!

– The Morning Rush Book 2! Leo and I have entries yey!

– Was able to secure premium tickets to The Script’s concert next year! I’ll be watching them in the front row woohoo! Thank you to LT for the help! 🙂

– Hosted my first ever house party; it was tiring but I felt really happy! ❤

– I found a new daddy – Davidson hahahaha 😀 One of my favorite Rushers! He’s so funny and makulit!

– I got to meet my idol – TunaBeli!!! ❤ He’s one of the original Rusher legends, and he’s really nice! 🙂

– Completed my third Project 365! Can’t wait to begin my 4th one tomorrow!

Whew! It’s been a really, really fruitful year! I won prizes for each month of 2012, even Leo had his share, and we’ve won a lot of huge prizes! 😀 Well, whether big or small, a prize is still a prize, and we’re really grateful and we feel truly blessed.

2012 has also taught me to become more independent as I am now in charge of our house: cleaning it, paying bills, maintaining our cars, doing house chores, etc. Working at home has a lot of perks, and I am really thankful that even if I’m earning less now, I actually am able to save more than when I was working in an office!

I miss my parents and brother, but thanks to my sister, my boyfriend, and my friends (particularly the Circle of Winners and Rushers), the loneliness I feel sometimes is kept at bay. I love you all! ❤ Here’s to more wins, love, friends, fun, good luck, good vibes, and blessings!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ❤

P.S. Aside from Leo, I would like to mention some of the people I feel closest to or have at least earned my trust as a friend (ang taray hahaha). From the Circle of Winners: Geraldine, Jesfer, and Shiela – thank you for the continued friendship even if some of us have already left Chungdahm. From the Rushers (for easier identification, I shall mention your Rusher names): KittRitch, Cryptoverbalist, TonioMarkopio, MashedPlutonium, Czarovic, and Ahltitude – Here’s to more Viberations and food trips hahaha! ❤ Love you guys! ^^


Project 366 – Year 2012: Day 348

Photo #348: December 13

Thank you to Mark for giving me a copy of this! I was about to buy it when he told me he already bought one for me! 😀 The first thing I did? I checked my entries, of course! Hahahaha! It’s not everyday that you get to see your codename in a book! 😀 I only have 4 entries, but it’s okay! At least may pumasok pa rin! 😀 I had more in Book 1, but again, I am thankful that I am still part of Book 2, especially when I was expecting not to have any entry because of being on the PM shift for quite some time. Leo made it, too! A friend said we’re the “Team Book 2 labtim” HAHAHA =p Cheers! 😀



Hanep, nag-level up na ako! :)

Last February 15, The Morning Rush started to award the senders of the #1 entries of their Top Ten with a family size ultimate Hawaiian overload pizza GC. I’m not really a fan of Hawaiian pizza, but hey, that’s free pizza! ^^ Normally, I join the top ten if feel ko lang yung topic. But ever since they started giving away that prize, kinarir ko ang pagsend ng entries!!! 😀

The first five days were “almosts” – hanggang #2 lang talaga ang nararating ng entries ko. Syempre, never say die ang mantra ko. Haha! 😀

Last Monday, February 22, the topic was “Things to say to a skanky biatch” and I flooded Chico with entries! During the last batch, he decided to do a full batch of ten instead of the usual top half. 10, 9, 8, 7….kinakabahan na ako na kinakalma ang sarili ko na wag magexpect para di ma-disappoint….ayan na, #1 na…. And the top thing to say to a skanky biatch and we’ve got two entries comes from… astroboy. Ay naku sobrang napa- YES! ako! As in malakas na YES! 😀 Super happy! After days of trying, at last nagbunga rin!

My winning entries were:

When I’m done with the spotlight, then you can have it, biatch.

Lucky for you, mirrors don’t laugh.

I can't wait to claim my prize! 😀