2017 Project 365, Day 296: Tuyo Pasta

Photo #296: October 23

Found time to do some cooking! I used Herb’s N Spice‘s tuyo flakes, given to me by Ritche! I added lots of garlic, lemon juice & zest, and some chili flakes for added heat. It’s salty, so next time, I’ll add more pasta hehe 😀



2017 Project 365, Day 137: Herb’s Tuyo Flakes

Photo #137: May 17

Thanks to Ritche for getting me a bottle of spicy tuyo flakes from Herb’s N’ Spice! It’s salty, spicy, and garlicky!!! Ahhhh, rice please! But what I like best is the fact that it’s meant for lazy eaters – no more fish bones!



2015 Project 365, Day 301: Risa’s Homemade Spicy Tuyo

Photo #301: October 28

Yey for friends who give you food! Thank you for this, Martina! This homemade spicy tuyo came all the way from Bacolod! The tuyo is already shredded, so it’s much easier to eat compared to other gourmet tuyo brands. Best paired with newly cooked rice! I find it a bit pricey, though, at P200 a can, and you’ll need to pay for the shipping cost as well. Ah well, when you or someone you know is in Bacolod, make sure to buy a can or more! 😀



2015 Project 365, Day 220: LA Bakeshop Gourmet Tuyo in Corn Oil

Photo #220: August 8

Aside from their famous cheesebread & Spanish bread, L.A. Bakeshop also offers savory pasalubong, including jars of gourmet tuyo. It tastes like daing, but the saltiness is just right. It’s good enough, but the best gourmet tuyo for me is still from Good Shepherd! 🙂



2014 Project 365, Day 212: Good Shepherd Gourmet Tuyo

Photo #212: July 31

I was supposed to eat Good Shepherd’s gourmet tuyo on its own, but when I sampled a piece, I knew this had to be eaten with RICE. It’s so good, as in “tirik mata” good! It has vinegar, garlic, black pepper, siling labuyo, and oil. Argh ang sarap, promise! Better buy a jar or more (P120/jar) whenever you’re in Tagaytay (not sure if they have this in Baguio).