2020 Project 366, Day 97: Stay Healthy

Photo #97: April 6

Finally thought of something related to the saksakan-saksakan ng ___ meme. 😅 Pero bilang wholesome tayo, let this be a reminder for everyone to stay healthy! Eat your veggies! 😂🥦Miss na miss ko na manood ng UAAP games, though!!! 😭❤️💚



2020 Project 366, Day 46: UPJBT Fans’ Day

Photo #46: February 15

Another successful fan event done!!! Thank you to our Juniors team and to our enabler sir Dale! Thank you, baby girls! 💚 #UPIS #UPISKO #UPISFight

p.s. bakit parang galing kaming prom ni Jordi may pabulaklak hahaha thank you to the UP Rural HS students for the lovely sunflowers! 🌻



2020 Project 366, Day 36: UPIS WINS!

Photo #36: February 5

As a UP basketball team fan for over 20 years now, I am no stranger to supporting underdogs. Win or lose, I choose to support my school, my team, my family. And today, the last day of elims, the UPIS Junior Fighting Maroons – Basketball team finally won a game, and it felt like we were the champions! Happy to have shared the experience with many younger (comparative form, yes!) fans. Love you, baby girls! Thank you for supporting the boys even though almost all of you are from different schools. Nakakataba ng puso!

#UPISFight #UPIS5ever #UPIS #UPFight #UPISKO #GalingUPIS ❤️💚



2020 Project 366, Day 33: Jordi GDL Fan Meet-Up

Photo #33: February 2

The first Jordi GDL fan meet-up was a success!!! Thank you to all the people who made this possible, especially my core group, you know who you are. I love you, guys!

And to Jordi, we are proud to be your fans. Sobra. Thank you for your time! ❤️💚🥦


2018 Project 365, Day 319: UP/UPIS UAAP Jerseys

Photo #319: November 15

UP’s win yesterday sent many of us older fans on a trip down memory lane. High school and college friends sent me messages/comments recalling fun, touching, embarrassing, sad, funny, and basically, memorable UAAP moments. As for me, I was able to find 3 albums of developed photos plus some stuff any basketball fan would want to get at some point: jerseys and warmers!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH UP’S FINAL FOUR GAMES!!! Let’s claim it! 🤛😁🤞🤩



2016 Project 365, Day 23: UPIS High School Blouse

Photo #23: January 23

I was looking for an old shirt, but I found this instead: an unused UPIS blouse! I couldn’t find its matching navy blue A-line skirt, but had I found one, it wouldn’t have fitted me anymore anyway haha! Happy centennial to my beloved high school alma mater! ❤ Even my dog Cody wants to greet you, but he doesn’t understand how selfies work.. 😀