2019 Project 365, Day 259: CHK UPD

Photo #259: September 16

I went to the College of Human Kinetics today for an interview about being a long-time supporter of the UP men’s basketball team. I also purchased tickets for Wednesday’s games. While waiting, I met a new friend and old ones, and it was so much fun reminiscing about college and high school!!! Nice to meet you, Jasper! Great talking with you, Mela and Ma’m Josie!  #UPFight




2019 Project 365, Day 250: College Feels

Photo #250: September 7

College feels all over again!!! Congrats, UST! Next round, we will win! 🙂



2019 Project 365, Day 247: UP vs FEU, Round 1, UAAP 82

Photo #247: September 4

On a high!!! The UP Men’s Basketball Team started Season 82 with a win!!! I believe we were seen on TV twice in the 4th quarter!!! Thank you to all those who sent screenshots hahaha and thank you to ABSCBN Sports on Twitter! #UPFight #Atin82

*screenshot from https://twitter.com/abscbnsports/status/1169136463159713792



2019 Project 365, Day 223: The Great UP Run 2019

Photo #223: August 11

I finished 5k in a little over an hour. Still proud of myself since I’m not really into running. I ran solo because my boyfriend and other friends chose 21k. Here are some interesting conversations I overheard:

A guy to his girlfriend at the starting line: “Okay lang ba mauna ako?” The gf agreed, and they kissed. 
A group of oldies along Katipunan: “Dapat pinasunod natin ung driver!”
Another group of oldies along CP Garcia: “Run tapos eat, but don’t forget yung maintenance! Cholesterol!”
A couple with their kid near the science complex: “Ayan ang college ni mama, at ayan naman kay papa!”
A mother to her kid near UPIS: “What do you want to eat after?” Kid says Yabu. “Ay wow 3k lang tayo, ‘nak, pero pang 42k yung gusto mo kainin!”

I don’t know if I’ll do this again, but two things are for sure: one, I ran on my own, but I didn’t feel alone, and two, whenever I am in UP…. “‘Di rin magbabago ang damdamin!”  #TheGreatUPRun2019



2019 Project 365, Day 168: The Great UP Run – Registered!

Photo #168: June 17

UP friends have been tagging me about the Great UP Run. Well, here you go. Hahaha! Peer pressure! Someone even said I’ve started preparing na raw pala because of the recent fun run I joined! 😂 Doing it for UP and for the varsity teams. ❤️💚#UPFight