2020 Project 366, Day 121: Final Lesson Count

Photo #121: April 30

2019 vs 2020. I’m still alive! 😅 I beat my previous record of 700 lessons last September. 🤓

Wanted to go for 777 slots, but I was lazy today. 😂 I promise to rest a bit in May! 😊

Thank you, RareJob, Inc.🙏#WeAreRareJob



2019 Project 365 Day 181: June – Finito

Photo #181: June 30

Done for June! Also with 12.5 hours’ worth of demo lessons. 🙂 My 2 unbooked slots are a 207 and a closed one. I last had those kinds of slots in June 2017 and May 2018 respectively. July will be a vacation month for me, so I’ll set my goal to probably just 200-250. ☺️ #WeAreRareJob



2019 Project 365, Day 159: RareJob Splash Run

Photo #159: June 8

Today, we took a break from teaching as we joined RareJob, Inc.‘s Splash Run! It was a bit wild as the staff and even our CEO seemed to have truly enjoyed getting us tutors wet!  The event was tiring but we had so much fun!!! Will upload other photos and work on a vlog soon! Thank you, RJ!!!

p.s. just kidding, I will still teach tonight wahaha