Thank You, 2016!

Another year is about to end, which means it’s time for me to write something lengthier than usual. Facebook’s On This Day feature allowed me to look back through my old year-end posts, and I noticed these recurring themes: food, friends, family, and fun!


In recent years, Instagrammers have been posting their best 9 pictures, especially from October to December. I generated mine earlier, and it’s composed of mostly food shots! During the first part of 2016, I attended foodie events on almost a weekly basis, which made me constantly have content for my YouTube channel. Thank you to all the restaurant owners and managers who believe in our capacity to help them, and for the great food, of course!


My best 9 on Instagram! @astroboyisgay



Food is best shared with friends, right? This year, some people I met through Zomato decided to form The Food Crawlers. Although we have different roles, – writers, photographers, vloggers – one thing we have in common is our love for food! I particularly value the ideas they have for my vlogs, especially when they gamely participate in them! They’re such creative, witty, and fun people to be with! I value them a lot, especially Mickey and Richard!


The Food Crawlers!

Another group of friends I am grateful for are my fellow RareJob tutors (and also some of the staff), particularly the “Antwehs and Titas.” They are the kind of people you’d very much want to work with because they continuously lift you up with inspiring stories, contagious laughter, and motivational advice! No crab mentality at all! Although our job is home-based, it feels like we’re one huge happy family thanks to constant chatting and regular meet-ups. We all love RareJob for bringing us together, allowing us to earn well, helping us grow as educators, and providing chances for everyone, everywhere! In case you’re interested to join us, register now! 🙂


The Titas of RareJob – beautiful inside and out! ❤ (pic by J Marie)


With the “Antwehs” of RareJob and some of the staff/officers! (pic by J Marie)


Speaking of family, my dad visited the Philippines in February and stayed for a month. One month felt like only a week, though! It felt great to fetch him at the airport, but it was devastating when he already had to leave! When he looked back at me and my sister, all of us savored the moment because we didn’t, and still don’t know, when will we be seeing each other again. I hope our mom and brother could also visit soon! Fingers crossed!


An extended birthday celeb with my dad and sister. Oh, I turned 30 this year!


I’ve always been a positive person, so enjoying life is something I’m good at! I had so much fun not just with my family and friends, but also with the love of my life, my dear Leo! We celebrated our 6th anniversary in July, and for a change, we decided to celebrate it by traveling to Cebu! It was both our first time there, making the trip even more memorable! I renewed my passport in September, while he finally applied for one in October, so hopefully, we could plan an international trip soon! I love you, dear! :-*


My dear. ❤

And that’s a wrap for 2016! Cheers to an even better 2017!


2016 Project 365, Day 168: Thai Platters Bagoong Rice Delivery

Photo #168: June 16

Someone’s eating happily today! These solo servings of Thai bagoong rice were sent by Thai Platters Bagoong Rice Delivery! Many thanks! :-* I was surprised to know that each one costs only a hundred bucks! Every serving has generous amounts of pork adobo, sun-dried shrimps, chopped scallions, shredded green mango & eggs, and of course, bagoong rice! They also come in various platter sizes – the biggest is called a feast, which could serve 20-24 people – perfect for potlucks! You may reach them through their FB page or call/text them at 0942-779-4378. Currently, they deliver for free within Marikina only. 🙂



2016 Project 365, Day 137: Yabu Katsu Sets!

Photo #137: May 16

Had another fun Yabu: House of Katsu event, thanks to these guys! Full tummies and hearts! Hahaha! Thank you as always to Yabu’s marketing team and to my tablemates for the night: Mickey from The Food Crawlers, Cristelle of GirlandBoyThing.com, and Rey of Lifestylebucket! BURP!! 😀



2016 Project 365, Day 98: The Food Crawlers

Photo #98: April 7

These past few months have been a blast, particularly when it comes to having constant YouTube content due to the invites I get from different restaurants. A lot of those invites became possible because of fellow foodies I met through Zomato, and now we also have our own group called The Food Crawlers! Check out (and like hehe) our page and follow us on Instagram @TheFoodCrawlers! 🙂 For collabs, you can email contact@thefoodcrawlers.com or message us through our page. ^^



2016 Project 365, Day 94: Mi Dai Korean Restaurant Marikina

Photo #94: April 3

Tried a new dining establishment along Rainbow Street: Mi Dai Korean Restaurant. They have unlimited pork samgyupsal for only P290! That already includes unlimited lettuce, iced tea, rice, and banchan (side dishes), plus 1 serving of soup and 1 Melona ice cream stick! They also have unli beef samgyupsal for P450 or a mix of pork and beef for the same price. I can’t wait to go back and try their ala carte Korean dishes! Meogja! ^^ (Rainbow is one of the side streets along Lilac – just turn sa may Chinabank; Mi Dai is right beside Casa Feliz).



2016 Project 365, Day 93: Future Vlogs!

Photo #93: April 2

Just uploaded the last video from my old batch of finished vlogs, and here’s the latest set of my upcoming vlogs! I already have content until May! It’s so nice not to have any backlogs! 🙂 Subscribe to my channel for more foodventure vlogs! 🙂

Screenshot 2016-04-02 20.57.25


2016 Project 365, Day 91: Tri-Colored Fusilli

Photo #91: March 31

Today, I decided to cook some pasta as sustenance until Monday or Tuesday next week. Tomorrow’s the start of a new month, which means it’s back to zero at work. I also already have at least 6 restaurants to visit next week, so I really need to work as much as I could during the first few days of April, decreasing my time for cooking or going out to buy food. Aaaaand I just couldn’t resist this opportunity to take a glorious food shot! 😀



2016 Project 365, Day 90: Kanzen Sushi Roll – Lilac!

Photo #90: March 30

Kanzen Sushi Roll is now located at #12 Lilac Street! They’re right beside the building that houses Urban Street Food, Empire Fashion Cafe, Leon’s Bistro, etc. First time to try their seaweed salad, and it’s pretty good! I also tasted their newest snack, the tamago wafuru or egg waffle, and it’s yummy! They’re open from 10 am to 9 pm. Kanzen is my go-to place for potlucks because they sell various sushi rolls in bilaos of different sizes! 🙂