2016 Project 365, Day 349: Zomato x Heineken

Photo #349: December 14

What’s more awesome than Heineken beer? Why, it’s getting some bottles delivered to your house or party venue via Zomato! Cheers to an even merrier holiday season! #OpenYourWorld #ZomatoPH #ZomatoxHeineken



2016 Project 365, Day 124: RareJob & Zomato!

Photo #124: May 3

Sorry for all the RareJob Philippines, Inc.-related posts, but hey, I love my job! Haha! And today, well, 2 days ago, I met another RJ tutor, but this time via Zomato! Hope to see you at a tutor gathering this year, Anna!!! :-*

Screenshot 2016-05-03 20.44.24


2016 Project 365, Day 97: Beeffalo Antipolo

Photo #97: April 6

Got lost, but the trip to Beeffalo by Hotrocks in Antipolo was worth it!!! Good food, great company! Thank you, Zomato and sir Louie for hosting us! Vlog to follow! ^^



2016 Project 365, Day 93: Future Vlogs!

Photo #93: April 2

Just uploaded the last video from my old batch of finished vlogs, and here’s the latest set of my upcoming vlogs! I already have content until May! It’s so nice not to have any backlogs! 🙂 Subscribe to my channel for more foodventure vlogs! 🙂

Screenshot 2016-04-02 20.57.25


2016 Project 365, Day 77: Pablo’s + Hobing

Photo #77: March 17

I’m 3 Zomato reviews shy of being an expert in the BGC area, so I gladly accepted the foodie invite to Pablo’s Pub and Restaurant! Had dessert at Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe after! I need one more resto!!! Hahaha! #‎competitive‬ 😀



2016 Project 365, Day 75: Best Foodie Meet-Up!

Photo #75: March 15

Attended the best Zomato foodie meet-up like ever! It was filled with a lot of food, friends, and fun! Thank you, Dennis and Steve for educating us about Super Duck Modern Tea 超級達可時尚茶飲‘s mission and wonderful teas! Some of The Food Crawlers then went to The Porch where we had a great night cap filled with delectable dishes and gigantic milkshakes! It was definitely a What the F kind of day!!! I felt like my birthday came early! 🙂