2014 Project 365, Day 337: Ubebe I Love Your Way!

Photo #337: December 3

I don’t usually join contests that give out shirts as prizes, but when I heard about the “Ubebe I Love Your Way” promo on RX, I was intrigued, so I joined it! These couple shirts are so cute!!! ❤



2014 Project 365, Day 204: Happy 4th Anniversary!

Photo #204: July 23

“When the money’s spent and all my friends have vanished, and I can’t seem to find no help or love for free, I know there’s no need for me to panic ’cause I’ll find him, I’ll find him next to me.” – Next To Me, Emeli Sandé

July 23, 2010: The day when “you” and “me” became “us” and “we.” Happy 4th anniversary, dear! ❤



2013: A Year of Fs – Food, Friends, and Fun!

Another year is about to end, so it’s time for another year-end blog entry! And like what I did for my year-end post for 2012, I’ll start with the highlights for each month.


–          A shocking message from my brother made us worried: our dad had a major heart attack in the US. Thankfully, he survived. Two arteries were totally blocked, while a third one still had a 20-percent opening, which saved his life. What a way to start our 2012!


–          Watched my first concert of the year thanks to the tickets that Geraldine won via the Araneta Coliseum’s fan page! Jessica Sanchez is good, but she could have sung way better.

–          Won my first major prize of the year: an overnight stay with breakfast for 2 at Sofitel Manila! Thanks to ETC!


–          Celebrated my 27th birthday at North Park Araneta! Though my family isn’t complete, I’m glad I have friends who made it special. ❤

–          I was chosen by Insular Life to be part of their 2012 Annual Report, so I was interviewed and had a photoshoot! It was awesome! 😀

–          Watched The Script’s second concert in Manila, and this time, Leo and I were in the FRONT ROW!!! It was so amazing, we were even interviewed by MYX after! SO WORTH EVERY PESO!!!


–          Started the “Astro Raffle” wherein I usually give away extra movie premiere tickets!


–          My boyfriend won an iPad 2 thanks to the BPI Load Your Life contest on The Morning Rush! Since he already has an iPad, we agreed that I should use it. 😀

–          Attended another concert of Jason Mraz, it’s the second time for me and Leo to watch him live. We were 7 rows away from the stage!

–          Insular Life’s 2012 Annual Report came out and I’m so happy with the final product! Hihi! 😀 Thank you to Ms. Mitch a.k.a. Pomelomelo for choosing me to be part of it!!


–          Celebrated Leo’s 28th birthday at Vikings in SM Marikina.


–          Gave away a pack of Green Tea Kit Kat and the most deserving one won: Tons! He changed the lyrics of “My Humps” and gamely convinced me to give him the prize! So funny!

–          Celebrated our 3rd anniversary!  ❤ More years to come!!!


–          Watched one of the most talked-about movies of 2012: “The Conjuring”! Thanks to 103.5 KLite for the tickets!

–          Won another gadget, but this time it’s an iPad Mini! Thanks to IDP Philippines!


–          Attended a wedding of two of our closest friends: Jammy and Shiela. ❤


–          Won two tickets to the concert of Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, and Gin Blossoms, thanks to PSResibo on Instagram! The concert lasted until 1am!

–          Started working in the corporate world again – I am now a Deals Associate at Lovable Commerce, particularly of OkayOkay. Really thankful for this job!


–          Started something new: RUNNING! So surprising, right?! Although I’m doing it for fun, not to lose weight. Haha! No pressure!!! 😀


–          Completed my first official 10K run: Nike We Run Manila 2013!

–          Completed my 4th Project 365!!!! Will begin my 5th one tomorrow!!!

–          One of my closest friends, Levi, is no longer single!!! Woot! ❤

–          Unfortunately, our beloved dog, Rage, died on this last day of 2013. Enjoy doggy heaven, dear Rage!

Overall, 2013 has been a year full of 3 Fs: food, friends, and fun!

Food: I’ve been discovering a lot of great eating places in Marikina and I’m so glad that a lot of my friends (hello, Kit, Levi, Tons!!!) are also avid foodies!

Friends: aside from attending birthday celebrations, I got to see my friends a lot this 2013, particularly my Rusher friends, because of the movie premieres (I was able to attend all the Monster Movie Premieres of RX 93.1, save for one: “Les Miserables.” However, since the screening was cancelled due to technical difficulties, technically, I did watch all of their movies for 2013!) and food trips we’ve been to. The Empire was also established and is composed of Familia Pesto, Familia Batalla, Neyvs, The Weird Ones, and even the Runner Rushers! So many subgroups, but with so many common denominators, it’s like we’re one big happy family!

Fun: when you combine food and friends, you get a lot of fun! Laughter is abundant, stories are endless, and good vibes just keep flowing!

I know that 2014 will be as great as 2013, maybe even better. My parents and brother are in the US, but thanks to so many messaging apps, it’s easy to stay in touch with them. I am thankful that I still have my sister, boyfriend, and friends here, and all of them are worth more than any prize I have won. ❤

WELCOME, 2014!!!

P.S. I feel I’ve grown closer to two people this year: Levi and Tons (sana di lang feeling close hahaha!). Levi, like I’ve already told you, Leo thinks (and I agree hehe) that you’re my male version because we’re both jolly, we both love food, and we have plenty of stories to share! Tons, you are one of my favorite dates to movie premieres and I love your creativity, humor, and even your EMO sessions wahaha! Looking forward to more food trips and running activities (weh, di nga?! hahaha) with you guys! ❤


Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 363

Photo #363: December 29

I may be feeling lazy today, but when it comes to opening presents, laziness can be forgotten for a while!

Thank you, CherrieMadisonKit,and Marj-jham for the writing materials and pen holder! Writing is one of my passions and no matter how many pens or notebooks/pads I get, I always enjoy receiving them! I will place them on my office desk!

Thank you, MarkEugene, and Kit for the sweets, you guys truly know how to make life sweeter! Ate Uge, ALMONDS!!! Tons, ohmygosh, when I opened your gift, my eyes were like O.O hahaha! Chocolates, nuts, and cookies, yum!!!

Thank you, Che for the kikay hand wash, I will use it before and after eating all the sweets I received hahaha!

Thank you, Jonathan for the super cool and useful mobile phone stand slash USB hub!!! I can’t wait to use it; I’ll also bring it to work.

Indeed, it is nice to receive presents, but it is also nice to have friends who know what you want/need. Friends are some of the greatest gifts anyone can have! ❤



Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 286

Photo #286: October 13

After grocery shopping, Leo and I had lunch at Rai Rai Ken in SM Masinag. He had a beef bowl, I had a beef misono-tempura bento box, and we shared a bowl of really yummy seafood hotpot ramen. We further whetted our appetites by watching “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2”! Berry and the marshmallows!!! So cute!



Project 365 – Year 2013: Day 79

Photo #79: March 20

“You can thank your stars all you want, but I’ll always be the lucky one!”

Most of the birthday greets I received described me as lucky, and I couldn’t agree more. I am lucky to have family members who are also my friends and friends who are also my family. Makes sense? 🙂 Celebrated my 27th birthday with some of my Rusher friends. I had two birthday cakes, yey! I know this collage doesn’t cover everything that happened, but I hope the caption would suffice haha 😀 THANK YOU! ♥

p.s. I have yet to open the non-food gifts, but I plan to open them later (after working on an article haha gotta earn pa rin!) ♥