2018 Project 365 Day 263: No Connection

Photo #263: September 20

One of the scariest things EVER: losing Internet connection! I thought I wouldn’t be able to conduct my last batch of classes from 5-9 pm today, but thankfully, only the 5 pm student was affected, and luckily, she’s a loyal gem who understood the situation. 

InkedSept 20_LI


2018 Project 365 Day 262: Shoto Todoroki

Photo #262: September 19

Shoto Todoroki is currently one of my favorite characters from “My Hero Academia.” I can’t wait for him to be friends with Deku (yes, I spoiled myself haha sorry na). I also like Fumikage Tokoyami!!! I can’t wait to exchange stories with the young learner who recommended this anime! 

*the picture is from http://bokunoheroacademia.wikia.com



2018 Project 365 Day 259: 2/3 RareJob Ambassadors

Photo #259: September 16

Two of this year’s RareJob ambassadors are from Visayas, so we thought our first meeting in person would be during our flight to Japan. Thankfully, one of them, Evelie, is in Manila for a conference, et voilá! We are even more excited to meet the youngest, our “bunso,” Kaye!!! We can’t wait to represent our fellow tutors!!! So much energy!!! 



2018 Project 365 Day 258: Goreng Goreng Delivery

Photo #258: September 15

I have new favorites from Goreng Goreng: sambal kacang (peanuts & anchovies) and ikan kari (fish in curry and coconut milk). I can’t believe it took me over a year before discovering how good they are ugh! 

p.s. I miss dining at the actual store, but it’s also more filling to just cook rice at home HAHAHAHA thank you for being available for delivery despite the storm, guys! Love youuu! Next time, kang-kong, please!!!