2020 Project 366, Day 332: Carbonara

Photo #332: November 28

First time to make (semi?! Lol) legit carbonara!!! As in no cream. Just eggs, black pepper, and Pecorino for the sauce! Didn’t have pancetta, so I substituted that with Canadian bacon. Not bad at all! 💯 Proud of myself, but I won’t repeat this anytime soon. 😅 got my cheese from Sourdough Cafe! 🙏🧀 Thanks also to chefs Alvin and Ram for helping me out! 🙌


2020 Project 366, Day 331: Passport Renewal

Photo #331: November 27

Done with my passport renewal, wala pang 20 minutes!!! Super few tao!!! Requirements: requirement checklist, application form, photocopy of your old passport’s data page, and two copies of the e-receipt if you paid online. You’ll also be asked to fill out a health declaration form.

Step 1: verification of docs
Step 2: processing + submit the health declaration form here; if your passport is already expired, they’ll cancel it here
Step 3: cashier (skip if online payment was made)
Step 4: encoding/picture taking
Step 5: courier payment (but I skipped this because I want to pick up my new passport)

Done!!! Will wait for their email/text once available na raw, most likely after a month. I was also told to bring my old passport; they didn’t cancel it yet since it’s still valid until July next year. As for my Japan visa, it’s valid until Feb 2024, so I can just attach/bring the old passport when needed. 


2020 Project 366, Day 329: Andrei’s Fried Chicken Take Out

Photo #329: November 25

I’m not satisfied with the pictures I took because 1) I was already hungry so I ate a few pieces already, and 2) I couldn’t wait for natural light, i.e. tomorrow morning. So here’s a copy of Andrei’s Fried Chicken Take out‘s menu instead! Located on Stallion St. Rancho 1, their boneless fried chicken is absolutely delectable and bigger than others I’ve tried! I especially like the honey sriracha, which has a good balance of sweetness and spiciness. Add an order or more of their garlic mayo dip as well! 😋🍗


2020 Project 366, Day 326: Ice Trolls

Photo #326: November 22

My feed is filled with Mcdo’s sundae pints, but unfortunately, they were out of stock when I tried ordering earlier. Fortunately, I got to try these instead. Their texture reminds me of frozen custard, maybe a little thicker. Both flavors are not too sweet, but I like dulce de leche more. Marikeños, the seller is from Parang, and she also has Korean ice cream like Melona, Cledor, and Samanco. 🍦


2020 Project 366, Day 324: Visioneer EyeSafe Transition

Photo #324: November 20

Katas ng 11.11. 🤓 saw how the transition lenses worked on a cousin’s glasses, and I knew I had to get myself a pair! We got them from the EyeSafe Transition line of Visioneer. According to their website, these are anti-blue light, photochromic, and anti-UV. Mukha nemen hehe. 😅 Happy with my purchase! Check out their other products: visioneerbrand.com! 🧐