Project 365, Day 154: Happy Birthday, Leo!

Photo #154: June 3

Belated birthday celeb of the boyfriend at Mi Dai Korean Restaurant! Since he had a 21-km run in the morning, he ate a lot!!! 



Project 365, Day 147: Ramen For Lunch

Photo #147: May 27

Capped off this awesome weekend by eating ramen for lunch with the boyfriend and besties! ❤



2018 Project 365, Day 90: Fisher Mall VIP Cinemas

Photo #90: March 31

Because I was on beast mode in March, I decided to take a day off today and just relax! We watched “Ready Player One” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising” at Fisher Mall’s VIP Cinemas, and they – the films & the theaters – did not disappoint! Looking forward to another fruitful month tomorrow! 🙂



2018 Project 365, Day 77: Birthday Celebration #3

Photo #77: March 18

One of the reasons why I worked so diligently this March is to enjoy my birthday week! On my last Sunday of being 31, I availed of my free buffet at Sambokojin, had a massage, and watched Lara Croft on a lazyboy with unlimited popcorn and drinks! Of course, I did all those with my dearest.  All those activities are sandwiched between teaching English in the morning and evening! Work-life balance, literally! 😀