2018 Project 365 Day 227: RareJob Visit

Photo #227: August 15

Dropped off some documents at RareJob, Inc. today! So glad to also bump into Mica and of course, our beloved CEO, Inaba-san!!! #rap2018



2018 Project 365 Day 225: 33rd Good Tutor Awards!

Photo #225: August 13

Waaaaa GOOD TUTOR AWARDS!!! Happy to see the names of some of my closest tutor friends! I would especially like to congratulate one of my best friends, Ernest Garcia, because he received his first two GTAs! Proud of all of us!!! Kudos! Thank you, RareJob, Inc.



2018 Project 365, Day 206: RareJob Ambassadors Part 2

Photo #206: July 25

I feel like I gained 2 more sisters as I “met” my co-ambassadors for the first time on Skype today! They are so energetic and radiant, I can’t wait to meet them in person!!! We feel like we’re going to do a lot of laughing when that happens! 😀

July 25


2018 Project 365, Day 200: RareJob Ambassadors!!!

Photo #200: July 19

The past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for me. My family from the US stayed for a month, and while I was happy spending time with them, I was also doing my best to qualify as one of RareJob, Inc.‘s ambassadors this year. When I made it to the top 20 last week, I wrote this sign and repeatedly envisioned the words. I have wanted this so badly since 2016, and today, I am truly thankful. Thank you to everyone who always believed that I could make it! You all know how much I love my job, and now I love it even more! See you soon, Japan!  #RAP2018



2018 Project 365, Day 93: RareJob Visit

Photo #93: April 3

Got to visit the RareJob, Inc. office to submit some BIR requirements related to the reduced tax thingy. As a bonus, we got to chat with some of our favorite RJ peeps, including our ikemen CEO!