2020 Project 366, Day 264: Gregorio Coaches

Photo #264: September 20

One for the books: having Coaches Allan and Ryan Gregorio guest on Maroon Talk!!! DREAM COME TRUE! Such articulate and confident people! So inspiring! 🤩 #UPFight #GalingUPIS ❤️💚✊


2020 Project 366, Day 255: Happy Birthday, Toti Almeda!

Photo #255: September 11

Will never get tired of saying that Toti is my all-time favorite Fighting Maroon! ❤️💚 Happy birthday, Cap!!! Stay happy, healthy, and safe! UP Fight! 😁✊


2020 Project 366, Day 249: Noah Webb Jersey

Photo #249: September 5

Finally received my prize from UP CHK Student Council ‘s donation drive raffle: Noah Webb’s reversible practice jersey!!! My basketball fan heart is so happy and kilig! Smells good! 😂😅❤️💚✊ #UPFight


2020 Project 366, Day 240: UAAP Throwback

Photo #240: August 27

Because ABSCBN Sports posted this photo on Twitter, let me share it here as well. Taken in February 2005 at Mang Jimmy’s! Meeting our idols is definitely one of the best things that can happen to any fan, but being and staying friends with them after all these years? That’s priceless! #UPFight ❤️💚



2020 Project 366, Day 236: UPIS on Maroon Talk

Photo #236: August 23

8:24 AM: invited sir Dale to guest on Maroon Talk
8:51 AM: he said yes!
9:05 AM: started calling Coaches Paolo Mendoza and Nats Imson
9:16 AM: interview set at 5 PM!

Thank you so much po for accepting our invite!! I feel like we’re Coach Pao’s kids every time he said, “Phim, Enzo, KC…” 🥺 We talked for over 2 hours! ❤️💚

Hopefully, we (ay wow “we” haha) could have more UPIS guests in the future! Don’t forget to subscribe to Phim’s channel: https://bit.ly/MaroonTalk