2016 Project 365, Day 265: UP Fight!

Photo #265: September 21

I’ve been so focused on my #400orFurther goal that I failed to watch the UP Fighting Maroons win against UE today! So I decided to wear one of the jerseys I have in celebration of our win yey! Which reminds me, one of my favorite Maroons still owes me a jersey haha =p Care to guess which former Junior Maroon owned this one? 🙂 UP FIGHT FOR LIFE!!!



2015 Project 365, Day 287: UP Fight for LIFE! <3

Photo #287: October 14

Many thanks to Woody and Handyman for the tickets. 🙂 Still a proud and happy supporter of the UP Fighting Maroons despite our loss to FEU! Watching UP’s games live means enjoying the company of my long-time fellow Maroon supporters and catching up with some former Maroons! UP Fight for life! ❤



2015 Project 365, Day 269: UP Fighting Maroons Shirt

Photo #269: September 26

And the tradition continues…here’s my UP shirt of the year. I make it a point to have at least one new shirt annually. Thanks to Melanie for delivering this! Taas kamao! UP Fight for life! ❤



2015 Project 365, Day 257: Selfie with Jett Manuel!

Photo #257: September 14

No more patron tickets at the UP Varsity Office for Sunday’s game (UP vs. FEU). I felt crushed because I’m used to watching UP’s games live at the patron section. BUT WAIT, WHO CARES, I HAVE A SELFIE WITH JETT MANUEL!!! Hahahaha! Okay, Upper A doesn’t seem too bad anymore… Hahahaha! Thank you for uplifting my mood, co-captain!!! 🙂

p.s. I felt mixed emotions when I showed the College of Human Kinetics guard my alumni ID: on one hand, I felt proud to have graduated already; on the other hand, I felt so old. X.x

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2015 Project 365, Day 254: Happy Birthday, Toti Almeda! :)

Photo #54: September 11

When some of my fellow Maroon Maniacs and I watched UP’s game vs. DLSU last Wednesday, we became nostalgic as we recounted our UAAP/PBL memories with the Maroons. Yes, our support for the team never wavered; we cheered for them no matter what! 🙂 One of my fondest memories is of course, supporting my all time favorite Fighting Maroon, Toti Almeda!!! He was one of the nicest players on and off-court back then, and nice people deserve to have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a blessed married life, Toti! Hope to see you in one of the games this season, along with other former Maroons! :-*



2015 Project 365, Day 252: UP DEFEATED DLSU!!!

Photo #252: September 9

UP WON AGAINST DLSU AND I’M SO GLAD I WITNESSED IT LIVE!!!! Yes, caps lock para intense hahahaha! It felt like we already won the championship!!! 🙂 It was nice to watch it alongside my fellow Maroon Maniacs and some former UP/UPIS Fighting Maroons! I love you, UP Fighting Maroons!!! CONGRATULATIONS! UP Fight for life!!! ❤

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