2017 Project 365, Day 307: My Cousin’s Wedding

Photo #307: November 3

Cheers to these lovely newly-weds! Welcome to our family, Chiharu! Can’t wait to meet my half-Japanese nephew!!!



2017 Project 365, Day 271: Visiting Grandma

Photo #271: September 28

Visited my maternal grandma today. Though she left when I was just 7, I do recall her bright smile, especially since I was the first “new” grandchild after around 5 or so years. One time, one of her dogs (I reckon Amanda was its name) got jealous of the attention she was giving me that it attacked me and left a scar on my right eyelid hehe! Happy birthday, Mama Amy! :-*



2017 Project 365, Day 267: Nth Goreng Goreng Dinner

Photo #267: September 24

Another Goreng Goreng dinner, but this time with my sister and Chi! They actually ate here last night as well, but because they really enjoyed the food, they wanted to go back right away! We highly recommend their Hainanese chicken family meal —- around 6 chicken pieces, a platter of Hainan rice, a pitcher of iced tea, and banna fritters with ice cream for dessert (pisang goreng). BURP!



2017 Project 365, Day 260: Wedding Invitation

Photo #260: September 17

Got to read this wedding invite from my cousin, and I’m so excited because of various reasons! First, it’s a big family gathering, so I’ll get to see many of my relatives. Second, I’ll be hosting their reception…no pressure lol! Third, my cousin-in-law is Japanese, which leads to the fourth and most exciting reason: I’m going to have a Filipino-Japanese niece or nephew!!! 




2017 Project 365, Day 213: Eden Nature Park

Photo #213: August 1

It’s our last day in Davao, and we had a grand time at Eden Nature Park, thanks to Tito Jojo, Tita Geni, and Atria!!! Our guide has a knack for taking good pictures, so the tour was even more memorable! Thank you po! We can’t wait to go back to Davao!!! ❤