2020 Project 366, Day 326: Ice Trolls

Photo #326: November 22

My feed is filled with Mcdo’s sundae pints, but unfortunately, they were out of stock when I tried ordering earlier. Fortunately, I got to try these instead. Their texture reminds me of frozen custard, maybe a little thicker. Both flavors are not too sweet, but I like dulce de leche more. Marikeños, the seller is from Parang, and she also has Korean ice cream like Melona, Cledor, and Samanco. 🍦


2020 Project 366, Day 310: Sweet Bite Bakehaus

Photo #310: November 6

Difficult to take a picture of these cream cheese crinkles, but so easy to eat! They come in 4 flavors, and my faves are ube and dark choco espresso! 😅 They come in 4 flavors, and my faves are ube and dark choco espresso! Check out Sweet Bite Bakehaus! For Marikina peeps, message Sweet Bite Bakehaus – Marikina. 🤤


2020 Project 366, Day 295: Puno’s Ice Cream

Photo #295: October 21

Has anyone tried Puno’s Ice Cream and Sherbet (Puno’s Frozen Dairies Inc)? Pretty good except for the sherbet because it’s too sweet and the lychee flavor’s overwhelming. Go for their ice cream, esp. peanut butter brownie and cheese cashew macapuno! 🤤🍦


2020 Project 366, Day 273: The Ice Cream Stash

Photo #273: September 29

Found a website where you can order ice cream and gelato from different shops/brands, including Carousel Creamery, FIC, Big Scoop, The Lost Bread, Carmen’s Best, etc. So convenient!!! Plus, they’re just along Marcos Highway, so the fixed delivery fee is relatively cheap. I got my ice cream the following day. If you want to receive your order within the day, then that’s also possible, but the DF will most likely increase. Anyway, you can check them out on https://theicecreamstash.com/ or their page, The Ice Cream Stash! 👌🍨🍦🤤


2020 Project 366, Day 257: Chin Chin Sweets

Photo #257: September 13

GUYS, CHECK OUT @CHINCHINSWEETS ON IG!!! They have 4 cookie flavors, but I tried two first: choco chip walnut and white choco almond. Both are yummy, but my eyes widened upon my first bite of the latter ( ganire 😳)! The banana cake is loaded with walnuts (I ordered extra haha) and choco chips. You can also add cream cheese frosting, and I highly recommend that you do so because ang sarap niyaaaaa! 👌 it’s so good that I sent a voice message to the owner instead of just typing my feedback. 🤤


2020 Project 366, Day 247: Butter & Cans

Photo #247: September 3

The latest cakes from Butter & Cans can satisfy cheese and strawberry enthusiasts! The former includes 5 kinds of melted cheese with names I cannot pronounce. 😅 The latter is actually a red velvet cake topped with strawberry-lemon-cheese frosting. 🤤👌