2020 Project 366, Day 317: Laptop Desk Mat

Photo #317: November 13

Power was restored this morning, but I won’t be teaching a lot muna because I still feel exhausted from the anxiety brought on by typhoon Ulysses, plus another bout of otitis. Ouchie. Anyway, just want to share my personalized laptop desk mat, huhu it’s so nice and huge! It can also function as my mouse pad! Got it from Sew Craftical! ❤️


2020 Project 366, Day 267: Making Wishes

Photo #2067: September 23

Topic: Making wishes/Tanabata Festival

Me: What do you wish will happen to you in five years?
Student: I have a son now, but I want to have 3 or 4 children because I like kids. ☺️
Me, hesitating to ask the next question, but I did anyway because it’s in the material: How can you make it come true?
*a bout of laughter follows* 🤣🤣🤣
Student, slightly out of breath: Maybe, some birds [storks] will bring us babies! 😅😂

Photo credit: thoughtco.com


2020 Project 366, Day 254: Work Anniversary

Photo #254: September 10

This morning, a fellow tutor sent me a Skype message: “Thank you so much, tut Case. Hindi lang sa info na ‘to, kundi sa laging pag-reply, pag-share ng iba’t ibang tips, etc. Ang kapal ng mukha ko pero tut KEEP ‘EM COMING! Na-appreciate ko po talaga.”

And I appreciate being appreciated, especially today! 😅 Happy 6th RareJob anniversary to me! 💚 #WeAreRareJob #ChancesForEveryoneEverywhere


2020 Project 366, Day 121: Final Lesson Count

Photo #121: April 30

2019 vs 2020. I’m still alive! 😅 I beat my previous record of 700 lessons last September. 🤓

Wanted to go for 777 slots, but I was lazy today. 😂 I promise to rest a bit in May! 😊

Thank you, RareJob, Inc.🙏#WeAreRareJob



2019 Project 365 Day 364: RareJob Good Tutor Awards

Photo #364: December 30

These were delivered today! 2019 GTA haul: 3 awards each for affiliate conversion and student loyalty! Maraming salamat, RareJob, Inc.! ありがとうございます to my students! #WeAreRareJob #GoodTutorAwards



2019 Project 365 Day 351: RareJob Bookmarks

Photo #351: December 17

I became a RareJob Philippines, Inc. tutor in September 2014, and after 3 months, I started teaching full time. Since then, on average, I gain 1000+ student bookmarks annually. Target achieved! 💚🙏🥰 #WeAreRareJob



2019 Project 365 Day 346: 37th RareJob Good Tutor Awards

Photo #346: December 12


Weeeeeee congratulations!!!! Good Tutor Awards!!! 🤩

3rd grand slam!! 😍 First time to get two awards in all 3 batches! ☺️ #WeAreRareJob