2018 Project 365, Day 293: Soroban Competition

Photo #293: October 20

Another proud parent moment: one of my kids received her certificate for a soroban (Japanese abacus) competition, which she joined in August. What’s so amazing about it is that she is #5 out of 828 junior high school students from different parts of Japan! すごい!



2018 Project 365, Day 283: Salad Beam

Photo #283: October 10

Me: Baby-chan, I’m hungry!
Student: (Kamehame wave gesture) SALAD BEAM!
Me: Nani??? Did you just say salad beam???
S: Yes, for your mouth! HEALTHY SALAD BEAM! 😂😋🤣

*picture is from Amazon.com



2018 Project 365, Day 279: Nissin Cheese Curry

Photo #279: October 6

Because of one of my best friends, I’m now a sucker for instant noodles from other countries. I only bought one variant from Japan: Nissin’s cheese curry. It’s good, but since I’m part mouse, I added more cheese lol 



2018 Project 365 Day 277: Yuzukosho

Photo #277: October 4

One of my proudest moments in Japan: asking for my favorite seasoning (yuzukosho) at a grocery store with my broken Japanese! 

Me: Sumimasen! Yuzukosho…doko? (Should have been “Yuzukosho doko desuka?” or “Yuzukosho doko ni arimasuka?”)
Staff: Ah, hai… *shows me my prize*
Me: Arigatou gozaimasu! *we both bow*

However, I regret not buying more of this. It’s so good that it’s already a condiment for me! I’ll definitely buy a lot more the next time I visit Japan! 



2018 Project 365 Day 249: My Hero Academia

Photo #249: September 6

Another reason why I love my young learners: their anime recommendations! A long time ago, I watched anime just as a form of entertainment. These days, however, I watched them because it’s another way of connecting with my beloved students, regardless of age. Anyway, “My Hero Academia” made me cry several times… it’s really nice when someone you look up to believes in you. 

Sept 6