2019 Project 365, Day 136: Of Chocolates & Magnets

Photo #136: May 16

Choco na magnet o magnet na choco?! 😂😂😂 My brother thought these were chocolate coins, but they’re actually magnets! 😀



2019 Project 365, Day 121: Happy Reiwa!

Photo #121: May 1

Received this message a few minutes after posting my orange tree jump shot earlier. What a coincidence! So apparently, the new Japanese era, “Reiwa,” means “beautiful harmony.” It comes from a poem written by Otomo no Tabito who lived in Dazaifu! I am not Japanese, but my students and travels to Japan teach me a lot, and part of me feels a bit older yet wiser because of this new era. In addition, I feel even more motivated to visit Japan as many times as possible so I can create more videos to help me connect easily with my students! 

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2019 Project 365, Day 99: Nissin Seafood Cup Noodles

Photo #99: April 9

If only cup noodles were less bulky, I’d buy more of Nissin’s seafood-flavored one! It’s great that they come in a mini version, but it’s not enough for voracious people like me lol.



2019 Project 365, Day 95: Blendy Café Latory Strawberry

Photo #95: April 5

On my next trip to Japan, I’ll make sure to get more boxes of this frothy and yummy strawberry milk tea! Even my sister and boyfriend enjoyed drinking it, and that’s a big thing because they can be picky, lol.



2019 Project 365, Day 88: KitKat Japan

Photo #88: March 29

I’m not a big fan of KitKat, but it’s super fun to shop in Japan because they have a lot of flavors to choose from. Didn’t notice how many I bought until I got home — 12 kinds!!! So there’s Tokyo Banana, ume sake, sakura sake, banana, hojicha (roasted tea), orange, raspberry, peach, Hokkaido melon & mascarpone cheese, nuts & cranberry (regular chocolate), nuts & cranberry (Ruby chocolate), and cranberry & almond!



2019 Project 365, Day 59: Mcdonald’s Flavors of Japan

Photo #59: February 28

Had to try Mcdo’s #FlavorsOfJapan because, well, hello, Japan.  For the ebi burger, I like the light, semi-sweet sauce and the shrimp patty’s tempura coating. However, the shrimp itself is not as juicy nor as flavorful as other shrimp burgers I’ve tried, but it’s still a decent try. I prefer the juicy beef patty of the teriyaki burger and its mayo. I wasn’t too happy with the teriyaki sauce, though. I felt it was either too sweet or too salty and also too much. The Nori fries were okay, but I prefer Tokyo Tokyo’s nori-wasabi fries as they have a good balance of flavors. Anyway, just give your fries a good shake to evenly coat them with the Nori powder. Lastly, the strawberry sakura McFloat tasted like medicine at first, but after a few sips, it became tolerable. Generally, I am not a fan of floats because they are too sweet – I just wanted to try this one.

So would I order these again? The float, definitely not. Also, I’d rather have plain salted Mcdo fries or honey-butter shake-shake fries (or barbecue). As for the burgers, hmmmm…. I’d probably want to get the teriyaki one again, but I’d request for less sauce.

I wonder what Mcdonald’s in Japan offers this season… hoping to find out soon! 



2019 Project 365, Day 54: New Books!

Photo #54: February 23

What I got from #TheBigBadWolfBookSale  Yeah, they’re nothing compared to the heaps of books many of you bought, but I’m satisfied (repeat until convinced lol). I didn’t include the 3rd book because I will give it to someone.#Imatbbwmanila19 #bigbadwolfph #bigbadwolfmanila#ThisIsFromBBWManila19