2018 Project 365 Day 253: 4th Work Anniversary

Photo #253: September 10

Panel interview question: How would you describe RareJob to someone who has no idea what it is?
Me: If RareJob were a person, he’d be the ideal partner: strong, financially stable, supportive. He gives me the freedom/flexibility to be myself, but at the same time allows me to grow and pursue my other passions!

September 2014: new tutor
December 2014: daytime/full-time tutor, first good tutor award
February 2015: Free trial lesson tutor
February 2016: demo lesson tutor
January 2017: Business tutor
February 2017: Young Learner tutor
July 2018: RareJob ambassador

Happy 4th year to me! Thank you so much, RareJob, Inc.! Here’s to more lessons, tutor gatherings, and chances for everyone, everywhere!!!



2018 Project 365 Day 252: Demo Lessons

Photo #252: September 9

A demo-filled week! Demo lessons are not included in the LSWS (lesson slots with students) count, but they are still paid, of course. While I am happy with my extreme productivity, I am also looking forward to relaxing a little bit in the next few days. I need real life social interaction ASAP!!!

Sep 9


2018 Project 365 Day 250: High Scorer!

Photo #250: September 7

Only a week has passed this September, but I feel like I’ve worked for a month already huhuhaha =p Thank goodness for announcements like this, though! A perfect 5 is still elusive, but I will never give up!  Congrats, fellow high scorers! 



2018 Project 365 Day 246: My RareJob Anniversary!

Photo #246: September 3

I renewed my tutor agreement today! Personally, I consider September 10 my anniversary because that was the day I had my first class 4 years ago, so I’ll post another dramatic message next week haha! For now, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to RareJob, Inc. So many things have happened in the last 4 years! I have learned & grown a lot as a person and an educator. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HUHU 



2018 Project 365 Day 225: 33rd Good Tutor Awards!

Photo #225: August 13

Waaaaa GOOD TUTOR AWARDS!!! Happy to see the names of some of my closest tutor friends! I would especially like to congratulate one of my best friends, Ernest Garcia, because he received his first two GTAs! Proud of all of us!!! Kudos! Thank you, RareJob, Inc.