2020 Project 366, Day 316: Casa Alegria

Photo #316: November 12
Not the best accommodation, but this will do for now. Took me over an hour to get out of Marikina, I couldn’t reach Hotel Mango nor Sogo Hotel along Marcos Highway because of flooded areas, so I ended up here in Casa Alegria Antipolo, formerly known as Cafe Lupe. I have 4 lessons to conduct tonight, thankfully all are loyal kids. I am exhausted but safe. Hoping for everyone’s safety as well. 🙏


2020 Project 366, Day 254: Work Anniversary

Photo #254: September 10

This morning, a fellow tutor sent me a Skype message: “Thank you so much, tut Case. Hindi lang sa info na ‘to, kundi sa laging pag-reply, pag-share ng iba’t ibang tips, etc. Ang kapal ng mukha ko pero tut KEEP ‘EM COMING! Na-appreciate ko po talaga.”

And I appreciate being appreciated, especially today! 😅 Happy 6th RareJob anniversary to me! 💚 #WeAreRareJob #ChancesForEveryoneEverywhere


2020 Project 366, Day 121: Final Lesson Count

Photo #121: April 30

2019 vs 2020. I’m still alive! 😅 I beat my previous record of 700 lessons last September. 🤓

Wanted to go for 777 slots, but I was lazy today. 😂 I promise to rest a bit in May! 😊

Thank you, RareJob, Inc.🙏#WeAreRareJob



2020 Project 366, Day 113: Skype Background Pictures

Photo #113: April 22

Today, I discovered that Skype has this feature which is better than Zoom’s as I don’t need a green background for this to work!!! My young learners and I had fun choosing pictures! All of these were taken in Japan, a country I really miss. 🥺#WeAreRareJob 💚🇯🇵