2019 Project 365, Day 19: DZMM Guesting

Photo #19: January 19

Was a guest on DZMM Teleradyo’s Turo Turo! Whew first time to have this kind of interview, but thankfully the two other guests did most of the talking hahaha! I was nervous!!! Mommy Jing Castaneda’s quite nice, plus we got to meet Gus Abelgas aaaahhhh that voice!!! Glad to have met Mommy MK as well, such a passionate and driven person! To all my mommy friends, you should check out Filipina Homebased Moms esp. if you’re thinking of working from home!  Many thanks to Ms. Lorey for this referral!



2018 Project 365, Day 358: Raise Your Glass

Photo #358: December 24

Raising my glass…err mugs for people in the service industry who either chose or have to work so other people can have a merry Christmas! Thank you for your patience and sacrifice! A big shoutout as well to all my fellow RareJob, Inc. tutors who still managed to teach today! We are all heroes! Happy holidays!!! Cheers!! 🍻🥂🙌



2018 Project 365 Day 253: 4th Work Anniversary

Photo #253: September 10

Panel interview question: How would you describe RareJob to someone who has no idea what it is?
Me: If RareJob were a person, he’d be the ideal partner: strong, financially stable, supportive. He gives me the freedom/flexibility to be myself, but at the same time allows me to grow and pursue my other passions!

September 2014: new tutor
December 2014: daytime/full-time tutor, first good tutor award
February 2015: Free trial lesson tutor
February 2016: demo lesson tutor
January 2017: Business tutor
February 2017: Young Learner tutor
July 2018: RareJob ambassador

Happy 4th year to me! Thank you so much, RareJob, Inc.! Here’s to more lessons, tutor gatherings, and chances for everyone, everywhere!!!