2018 Project 365, Day 344: Another Double Booking

Photo #344: December 8

What a day filled with food, friends, and fun!!! Korean BBQ and coffee with my closest tutor friends for lunch/merienda, then Italian food, craft beer, and tea for dinner with ex-RJ peeps! ❤



2018 Project 365 Day 342: Double Booking

Photo #342: December 8

Double booking today: took a test & had lunch with one of my closest tutor friends, Angie, then I had to go home to freshen up for this year’s UPIS homecoming!!! Ahhhh super fun!!!




2018 Project 365, Day 332: UAAP FINALS, UP!!!

Photo #332: November 28

First of all, many thanks to former Fighting Maroon, Jay for my patron ticket today! Forever grateful!!!

We are no longer exempted from the FINALS!!!! Kudos to all the UP Men’s Basketball Team players and believers! We will finally end UP’s 32-year UAAP basketball title drought. Atin ‘to. Claiming it!

p.s. huhu can’t watch game 1!!! Game 2!!! Pahirapan sa tickets, though. Huhu universe, please provide!!!



2018 Project 365, Day 327: Own Tutor Gathering

Photo #327: November 23

Had our own tutor gathering today because some of us can’t make it to the Manila event tomorrow. Honored to have Kato-san, the founder of RareJob, Inc. and Tuitt – Coding Bootcamp Philippines as our guest. We also visited Tuitt’s office in QC. If anyone’s interested to learn coding basics and be a software engineer, check them out! They even have a study now pay later program! We miss Kato-san but at the same time, we are happy for him! Ever thankful as well. We love you, sir!!! 🙂



2018 Project 365, Day 326: Boodle Fight

Photo #326: November 22

Prior to RareJob, the longest work experience I had was with a Korean company where I stayed for 3 years, from 2009 to 2012. It is also where I met Leo hihi! Despite leaving, we still stayed friends with a few of our colleagues, and today was a laughter and food-filled reunion! We weren’t complete, but we sure are looking forward to our next gathering. Ang cheesy naman char hahaha love you guys!! 



2018 Project 365, Day 302: Bestie Time

Photo #302: October 29

Find friends who’ll inspire you to save effectively, encourage you to invest in insurance, join your food trips/travels, support your skincare routine, and stick with you in sickness and in health, you may now kiss each other! 😂😘 Spent time with my first bestie as we took advantage of our health card coverage/benefits prior to its renewal, and of course, we had a hearty dinner after. Really thankful that our job grants us such flexibility! #KikaysOfRareJob



2018 Project 365, Day 299: Unli Beef and Shrimp

Photo #299: October 26

Another thing I really like about #RareJob is meeting amazing people and spending time with them, be it at official gatherings or our own meet-ups! Had a lot of beef, shrimp, and fun with these two!