2018 Project 365 Day 264: Korean BBQ Night

Photo #264: September 21

Started the weekend right: Korean BBQ night with some of my favorite foodies! Well deserved for all of us! 



2018 Project 365 Day 238: Crazy____ Asians

Photo #238: August 26

Found my very own crazy, ____, Asians! Hahahaha! Dropped by South Supermarket again, and Leo also bought a pack of pineapple sausages! Thanks to Alvin, I also learned that South has a wide range of frozen items, some of which include peeled shrimp, octopus, huge mussels, suckling pig, and even *gasp* rabbit!




2018 Project 365 Day 212: Skin Soulmates <3

Photo #212: July 31

My skin soulmates!  Finally met our personal “dermatologist,” the beautiful head of Skin Soulmate Ph, Jaq! She doesn’t just sell skincare products, she also gives advice and tips on which items are best for our different skin types. We are honored to be your friends!!!  #KikaysOfRareJob