2018 Project 365, Day 94: Cavite Girls

Photo #94: April 4

I am lucky to have friends who visit me in Marikina, so it was high time for me to travel to the south! Thank you for the good food, kikay products, and heartfelt stories, girls! :-*



2018 Project 365, Day 93: RareJob Visit

Photo #93: April 3

Got to visit the RareJob, Inc. office to submit some BIR requirements related to the reduced tax thingy. As a bonus, we got to chat with some of our favorite RJ peeps, including our ikemen CEO!



2018 Project 365, Day 85: Vacation Over!

Photo #85: March 26

Leaving a beautiful place like Noni’s Resort is such a difficult thing to do, but it also makes us look forward to our next staycation! I’m so happy we had this break; we love our jobs, but work-life balance is always a priority! ❤



2018 Project 365, Day 79: Happy Birthday to Me!

Photo #79: March 20

Did you know that March 20 is also the International Day of Happiness? And that’s exactly what I felt today! I taught 4 students in the morning, successfully had my tax status changed (yey, no more monthly business tax), tried out a new restaurant with my best friends, and enjoyed our monthly nail pampering session. Moreover I will still teach some of my student gems tonight. Lastly, another reason for me to be happy is that I am blessed to have another birthday! Thank you for all the greetings!   



2018 Project 365, Day 76: Birthday Celeb #2

Photo #76: March 17

Had another birthday celebration in advance, shared with Richard! Thank you to our beloved foodie friends for coming! Your presence and friendship are the greatest gifts of all! Naks cheesy!!! 😀

p.s. a special shout out goes to Dennis and Misshy of World Eats With Us for the awesome cakes!!! 
p.p.s. also, many thanks to Goreng Goreng for the delicious food!!!



2018 Project 365, Day 56: Chinese New Year-Themed Birthday Party!

Photo #56: February 25

Buffet + karaoke with my favorite RareJob tutors! It was a belated birthday celebration for Lilly & Angie, an early one for me & Nikki! Thank you for yet another successful unofficial tutor gathering lol  love you guys!!!



My First Traffic Ticket!

It’s such a cliché, but there’s always a first time for everything, and it’s my first time to write something about a traffic violation! Before I continue with my story, I would like to apologize to the Marikina government for illegally parking along Lilac Street on February 23, 2018. I promise never to do that again! It was such a learning experience for me, and I’m still on a high from getting my license back! Hence, instead of sleeping after such an exciting day, I decided to write this!!!

Alright, so my day started quite well: I was able to teach for 4 hours and have lunch with my best friends at Pan de Amerikana. We were scheduled for a 2 pm nail spa session at Nail Cottage along Lilac Street. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any available parking in front of the 3 Bentt buildings, so I parked on the sidewalk/bike lane, just right beside Bentt II. I thought I could transfer the car once a parking slot is available. Unfortunately, I forgot to do that after my foot spa! I had a full-body massage after, and when it was almost done, one of Nail Cottage’s beauticians informed me that traffic officers have arrived huhu!

Alright, moment of truth. When I approached my car, one of the officers asked for my license. Before signing the ticket, I kept asking him questions just to be sure where I should go and what I must do to get my dear license back! The officer was a bit snobby and impatient, and told me off for too much repetition. I explained that it was my first time to get a traffic ticket, so he must bear with me. Anyway, he told me that I can get my license back within the day by visiting the CTMDO (City Transportation Management and Development Office) at around 9 pm. I need to get an order for payment, and I have to go to the Sports Center to pay my fine – P500. I was confused and a little annoyed that I had to go to another place for my payment, but the officer did not explain anything else to me. I even checked online to confirm the amount – hello, trust issues hahaha! Anyway, I went back to Nail Cottage to have my legs waxed, and I kept thinking if I should wait for 9 pm or just go home and get my license back on Monday, February 26.


My best friends and I still had to go to the mall to buy some stuff and have my eyebrows waxed. We chatted a bit more, and it was only past 7 pm when we decided to part ways. I was really bothered by not having my license, so I decided to go to the CTMDO. I parked, waited for around 20 minutes in the car, then at 8 pm, I was able to talk to TA1 (Traffic Aide) Froilan Pintor. Unlike the previous officer, he was quite patient with me, pleasant-sounding even! He told me to just wait, but at around 8:30, he said he’d be issuing the order of payment so that I could already go to the Sports Center to pay. He was even kind enough to make a map for me!


I found the cashier at the Sports Center easily. I thought I could keep the traffic ticket & payment order, but only two receipts were given to me (one for trust fund, the other, general fund – not sure what those mean). I asked the cashier to lend me the ticket and form again because I wanted to take a picture! She and the other employees laughed and joked, “Souvenir?” Hahaha! Anyway, so yeah, I went back to the CTMDO, and after just a few minutes, I got my license back! Woohoo! Reunited after 5 hours!!! TA1 Pintor said it was his first time to encounter someone so happy after receiving a ticket hahahaha! I said it was a learning experience for me, something new, so it was definitely amusing! 😀 Oh, and I learned that I can actually pay my fine at the CTMDO, but their cashier is only open until 5 pm! On the other hand, the cashier at the Sports Center is open 24 hours!

Whew! I survived!!! I’m proud of myself because I did not panic nor felt extremely bad about it. Well, okay, I was a little worried because my license is expiring next month, and I didn’t know if I getting a ticket meant I won’t be able to renew it! Apparently, as long as you pain your fine, you’ll be fine! Yey! 😀 Also, it was still a great day because I learned many new things! Lastly, the cherry on top would be having two thoughtful best friends who even gave me some money for my fine huhu I love you, guys!!!! AND I LOVE YOU, TA1 PINTOR! THANK YOU HUHU! Sorry again for being a bit pasaway, Marikina! Love you! :-*