2017 Project 365, Day 285: Aswang on Grimm

Photo #285: October 12

Finally watched the Grimm episode where they featured the Philippines’ aswang! I believe it’s one of the scariest in the series! They even had a lot of Filipino dialogues! It was just a little weird to hear so much of the Filipino accent in English; it’s either the actors were exaggerating it or I’m just so used to having a neutral accent. Overall, it’s a good episode, particularly because of Officer Wu’s character development. He is played by Reggie Lee who’s half Filipino, by the way!




2017 Project 365, Day 221: Kdrama and Ramen

Photo #221: August 9

Seeing more friends watching “Love in the Moonlight/Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” prompted me to resume watching it… I have slowed down because I don’t want it to end yet even though I’ve spoiled myself by reading what happens in the last 3 episodes hahaha!!! Huhuhu, this Kdrama is amaaaazing! 

p.s. I ate Korean ramen again at OMOnok while watching hihi ❤



2016 Project 365, Day 89: The Flash on Supergirl

Photo #89: March 29

One of the best TV series crossovers ever!!!! I was smiling 90% of the time, and I also cried a little! It was cool, cheesy, cute, funny, and amazing!!! Go catch The Flash on Supergirl!!! There’s a replay on Jack TV tonight at 8 pm! 😀



2016 Project 365, Day 27: Lucifer (Series)

Photo #27: January 27

New series alert!!! “Lucifer” is about, well, you know who. The premise: he’s tired of running hell, so he decides to stay in our world. He still enjoys punishing bad people, which kind of makes him “good.” He has the ability to make people say their innermost desires, kind of like a human “Mirror of Erised.” It’s really interesting, plus I find the lead actor good-looking. 😀



2015 Project 365, Day 241: On The Wings of Love

Photo #241: August 29

When I get hooked on a series, I would usually watch 2-3 episodes per day. Last night, I caught a few minutes of “On the Wings of Love,” and it beat even my most favorite foreign series as I marathoned its first 10 episodes earlier today!!! The last local series I religiously watched were “Got to Believe” and “Muling Buksan ang Puso.” Haha! But seriously ah, OTWOL is so relatable!!! I cried so many times especially since more than half of my nuclear family is in the US… </3

Screenshot 2015-08-29 12.46.34