2014 Project 365, Day 229: The Snack Shack + Picazza

Photo #229: August 17

The Snack Shack for lunch, Picazza for dinner.

I first heard about The Snack Shack from Coach Joselito, but I never had the chance to try it in UP. Other UP friends have also been recommending it, so I’m glad that they finally opened a Marikina branch, just right before OLOPSC! A quarter pounder costs just P70, while a half-pound burger costs P135! Goodbye, fast food burgers! The place doesn’t look sosyal, but a lot of people with cars visit it. The burgers are freshly made, so one has to wait for about 15 minutes or more, but really, their burgers are worth it.

On the other hand, Picazza is located along Lilac Street (very near Crepeman), the Maginhawa of Marikina. I noticed it on my way home last night, and the place is pretty cozy! They offer pizza, pasta, nachos, milkshakes, etc. Their standard pizzas cost P199, but you can also make your own for P210, which includes 5 toppings. You may add other toppings for P10 each. Since they have 16 toppings, if you include all of them, then that will cost you P320, a bit higher than Project Pie’s. However, I don’t have to go all the way to Eastwood and pay pa for parking, so okay na rin!

I so love Marikina!! <3


2014 Project 365, Day 227: Quiz Night Winner!

Photo #227: August 15

Eds has been encouraging me to join BNO’s Quiz Night for a few days now, so I decided to test my stock knowledge and typing skills last night. The result: I won 3K worth of Rue Bourbon gift certificates! Thanks to Levi for claiming these earlier! Leo, looks like we’ll be visiting Tagaytay again before November 30! ^^

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