2014 Project 365, Day 295: Resorts World Manila Chocolate Festival

Photo #295: October 22

Got my sweet loot from Resorts World Manila‘s Chocolate Festival Promo: a shirt, a keychain, and chocolates! Thank you to my friends who encouraged me to join the contest (I joined on the last day, without really expecting anything): Ren, Mark, Angel, Bryan, and Marc (Bry & Marcky, I owe you a piece of Crunch hehe).


2014 Project 365, Day 294: The Best of Me

Photo #294: October 21

I really did not expect too much from this movie knowing all to well how most Nicholas Sparks’ books are written. However, my friends and I enjoyed watching it albeit having a lot of serious/dramatic scenes. It also has a lot of quotable quotes, mapapa-BOOM PANES ka. LOL! It did not make me cry, but there were some “awww” parts that could move even the coldest hearts *ehem Tons ehem* :D The young actors here are very good-looking pa! :D


2014 Project 365, Day 293: Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake

Photo #293: October 20

Last July, Leo and I learned about Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake while watching TV. We were intrigued, and we finally got to taste it! Grabe, it’s soooo good! It’s like a mamon, but smoother, cheesier, yummier, and more buttery! It’s so light and not very sweet, so you won’t get sawa easily! I highly recommend this to all you cheesecke lovers out there! Sorry Bag of Beans, but this is now my favorite cheesecake! I know they’re different kinds of cheesecakes, but promise, I think this is much better than BOB’s! Eating it doesn’t feel as sinful as traditional cheesecakes! <3


2014 Project 365, Day 292: Tamagoya Noodle House + The Book of Life

Photo #292: October 19

Had lunch at Tamagoya Noodle House and watched “The Book of Life”!

Leo ordered their curry ramen, which we both didn’t like too much; it was ok, but my order was way better: champon ramen (but my favorite is still their gomoku nanban ramen)! Yum! We also had tori zangi, which, according to their menu, is “Hokkaido-style fried chicken.” It’s possibly the best fried chicken we’ve ever tasted! The dipping sauce with lemon was also excellent! I recommend that you pick tori zangi over their karaage if ever you decide to eat there!

As for “The Book of Life,” it is such a nice, touching movie! It is a visual spectacle with a nice, touching story about love, friendship, rivalry, family, and even death. The OST is also awesome! I cried a few times.

P.S. we also got to wear some of the caps that my mom sent! Thank you, mami!! <3