2014 Project 365, Day 105: Kiko Machine comics

Photo #105: April 15

Aside from cleaning our house, doing some Odesk work, and maybe even watching some “Once Upon A Time” season 2 episodes, I also plan to catch up on my reading during the upcoming break. I haven’t finished reading book 7 of the “Kiko Machine” series, while I haven’t removed the plastic covering of book 8! And now I have books 9 and 10 thanks to Leo! Ah, so many books to read (and series to watch), so little time!


2014 Project 365, Day 102: Lilac Street Food Trip – 3rd Wheel Edition!

Photo #102: April 12

Lilac Street food trip – the 3rd wheel edition! Haha! Had an early dinner at Singlish Cafe – Singaporean & Western and dessert at Cupcake Bites Cafe with this lovely couple, Kuya Bong & Ate Mich (naks feeling close hahaha). Good vibes! ^^ Can’t wait for them to try the other awesome dining places here in Marikina! ^^


2014 Project 365, Day 101: Stuffed Porkchop from Almon Marina!

Photo #101: April 11

Had lunch again at Almon Marina Sandwich Bar & Deli, and RosellMelanie, and I ended up ordering the same dish, without meaning to: stuffed porkchop! The porkchop is stuffed with cheese, apples, tomatoes, and herbs! So good! The meal looks expensive, maybe at least P300, but it’s actually only P175! Almon Marina is definitely our new favorite lunch place. :)