2014 Project 365, Day 303: Nissin Chow Mein w/ Shrimp

Photo #303: October 30

I’m not a huge fan of instant noodles, but when something catches my eye while grocery shopping, I usually try it. Here’s my latest find: Nissin’s Chow Mein noodles. It caught my attention because of the phrase “with shrimp.” It tastes ok, a bit too salty, though. I love the texture of the noodles: chewy and slightly gummy like japchae. I’ll go easy on the powdered seasoning next time! :D


2014 Project 365, Day 302: PureGold Perks

Photo #302: October 29

Learned about this loyalty program from Puregold: Puregold Perks. I decided to sign up for it since Puregold is the supermarket I frequent. While filling up the application form, I noticed one box that said something like “name that will appear on the card,” so I confirmed if it could be ANY name and voilĂ ! :D


2014 Project 365, Day 299: Baja Mexican Cantina + Family Mart + Chopped + Kanzen Sushi Roll

Photo #299: October 26

What makes life more colorful? Good food, awesome restaurants, and your loved ones!

Had lunch at Baja Mexican Cantina because our Groupon voucher for it will soon expire. We then went to Family Mart where I finally tried their twirl-all-you-can green tea sundae! We burned what we ate by going grocery shopping and searching for birthday gifts for some friends. For dinner, we ate at Chopped, where Kanzen Sushi Rolls are also part of the menu.

A Sunday well spent, it was. <3